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    Meet a Board Member: KSI Ronald7

    Additions, subtractions, and much more have been words the KSI Board is all too familiar with in the past month. The fact is KSI could use to learn more about each member of the board and that exactly is what this article series will be all about. Interviewing each board member, as we learn about their plans, their self, and thoughts. With each article, we hope to shine some light on exactly who these people are and more. Allowing each member of KSI to make their own feelings. Our second interview will be with KSI Ronald 7.


    Nex Addo: Tell us a little about you…
    Ronald: Ugh, this is the worse part of these things lol. My name is Aaron, I'm 34 (35 in June), Married with one awesome 10-year-old girl. My family has been in the office furniture installation business since 93' and I plan to take it even further. I4 enjoy all types of games, but also the outdoors; Kayaking, Camping, fishing, etc. At the moment we have a small farm with Chickens and a nice Garden, but the wife and I would like to own some land one day and become as self-sufficient as possible.

    Nex Addo: What do you do on the board and what is your title?
    Ronald: I am an Elected Position, so I don't actually have a title.

    Nex Addo: Ok so as an elected position what exactly do they do?
    Ronald: Nothing too different than the other members to be honest. Someone in a Leadership position: Operations, Web Ops Director, Clan Ops Director, are automatically on the board. There are 3 Board Elected Positions in order to round out along with Divisional Representatives.

    Nex Addo: What are your plans for KSI as a whole while you’re on the board and what do you want to see from KSI as a whole working together?
    Ronald: I want to make sure that we keep things constantly moving forward by having short term goals that we can easily hit to keep our motivation and morale as a whole up, all while working towards our long term goals.  We also want the community to feel like their input is being considered and are being heard, which will bring a sense of unity to the community….I want to get us all working together again, from Privates all the way up to Owners. I know we have multiple Divisions on different platforms, as well as different departments, and as we grow those will grow as well. My goal is to make sure that even though we may be separated by our choice of gaming platform, we are all still part of the same community and can continue to work together to bring KSI back to its full potential.

    Nex Addo: What is one thing you think you think is a barrier that the board needs to focus on to move forward and how can it be resolved?
    Ronald: All of us started as Privates at one point and even though we have worked our way up the latter, we need to maintain that relationship with the rest of the member base. I feel we need to blur that line between Leader/officer/member. Not only do we need to feel we are working together but, if we want the member base to feel comfortable coming to us with ideas, issues or commendation, they need to feel like they are part of the team and not just another number in our ranks doing our bidding.

    Nex Addo: What is some advice for those who want to be to be on the board as well?
    Ronald: Keep an open mind, but maintain your morals. You can disagree with someone's idea but still see things from their point of view. Always think that your actions can and will affect more than just yourself. Think long term instead of just what is right in front of you.
    Maintain a cool head, never make rash decisions based on emotions. If you ever feel yourself losing control, be honest with yourself and others. Adjuring a meeting to another day so everyone can collect their thoughts and cool their heads will always be better than making a decision that can ultimately affect everyone. 
    Have one or two people you can confide in personally or that you are fine with taking constructive criticism from. These people will be your foundation. They can help bring you back down to earth, right you when you are in the wrong or lift you up when you bring something good to the table or are just down

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