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    Meet KSI CH3DDAR

    Leadership no matter the role or organization can be a difficult road to not only be in but to get there. Recently a new Director of Web Operations was announced, KSI CH3DDAR 7. He is known to be a quiet man who has accomplished many tasks and helped further the KSI Discord server. So who exactly is he?

    "Currently I am an undergrad student studying Electrical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science or Software Engineering, haven't decided yet. I've been in communities since I first got an Xbox at like 12 years old and like most people who stick around, it's something I truly enjoy. Being in Web-Ops just makes it that much better.” 

    He tells us more about his experience even outside of Web operations.

    “So experience here is KSI has mainly been AAP. In past communities, however, I have held the equivalent rank I have now. That experience has taught me a lot about what to do, and what not to do.”

    Each member of KSI usually has a mentor, in fact, most members have more than one. 
    “My predecessor, Hero, has definitely been a mentor to me since joining KSI. Icespot has been a big help as well, so I would have to give him some credit. Lastly, after getting to know Vik and his leadership style, he is for sure someone I look up to.” 

    Many leaders have pieces of advice on how to achieve goals in KSI and that is no different for CH3DDAR.
    “Just do your thing. If there is something you want to accomplish in KSI, you can accomplish it. Its not gonna happen overnight, so don't let that stop you in whatever you do.” 

    So how is he handling his own advice?
     “One thing I am challenging myself in doing is becoming more outgoing. A lot of people probably notice I don’t talk a whole lot in discord. It’s not that I am not active, but it’s the fact that I don’t like texting a whole lot. I would rather sit in a voice chat and talk.”

    Everyone gets their go at something and this time it is KSI CH3DDAR turn. 

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