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  • Member of the Month - September

    Member of the Month - September



    The Achievement Awards Program (AAP) recently put out a new scheme for the Member of the Month (MOTM) award.  Each month one member from each division who receives the highest nominations will be recognized as the MOTM. 


    August was an awesome month for KSI, we had our ups and downs  - but mostly ups! Thank you to everyone who helps makes KSI a better brighter place on a daily basis. Please join me in congratulating the following receipt of the MOTM award:


    KSI Migraine 7, Founder - Fallen Angles (FA)

    KSI THEDRAMAMAMA, General - Fatal Genesis (FG)



    We took some time to interview the winning individuals and hear their thoughts:


    Chaoticz 7: When did you join KSI Global?

    THEDRAMAMAMA: April 6th, 2018

    Migraine 7: I originally joined KSI back in 2011/2012 and spent a year and a half before leaving due to personal reasons. I recently rejoned KSI in the beginning of June.


    Chaoticz 7: What current ranks/positions do you hold within KSI Global?


    Migraine 7: I am Co-founder over Rapture and Judgement in FA. 


    Chaoticz 7:  In your opinion, what do you think being in KSI Global is all about?

    THEDRAMAMAMA: I think it's about forging friendships, organized gaming, a safe place for gamers to be themselves, and [being able to] engage in new adventures with a diversity of different people.

    Migraine 7: I have had a lot of good and bad memories from my almost two years time of KSI.


    Chaoticz 7: Where do you see yourself within KSI Global in two months?

    THEDRAMAMAMA: I don't know where I'll be in two months but as long as I'm in KSI I know I'll be in a good place surrounded by good friends.

    Migraine 7: Still a Co-Founder watching over my squads.


    Chaoticz 7: Describe your experience in KSI Global in one to three words.

    THEDRAMAMAMA: I would say my experience needs more than three words to describe it but here goes; amazingly welcoming; extraordinary kindness; adventurous.

    Migraine 7: Interesting and fun.


    Keep pushing yourself and good luck for September!

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