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    Member Spotlight: BlazZze 7

    You may not notice him, but he’s there. KSI BlazZze 7, or just Blasé, is a recipient of the News Staff of The Year Award, twice, labeled Most Outstanding, and received the Outstanding Service Award! With over 20,000 forums profile views and 1,300+ posts, he was certainly a celebrity in his time. With his most recent retirement beginning in April 2019, he now lives the simple “Community Area” life. 


    KSI New Blue: So, BlazZze, tell me about when you first joined KSI.


    KSI BlazZze 7: I was always fond of "clans" but KSI was my first formal gaming organization. Coming into something so established and big was daunting, but at the same time, it was very exciting! Luckily, I was able to be friends with good leaders such as Spazbit and Lucky Poi who helped to guide my good intentions in the right direction.


    KSI New Blue: Who have been your favorite people to work with over the years?


    KSI BlazZze 7: KSI Spazbit> A blast to work with to rebuild LE. With the rapid growth within the division, she was able to provide structure. 


    KSI Game> Amazing dude. When I came back, I had the honor of helping to rebuild the news team for him. He was always open when it came to the bettering of KSI and always came with an open mind. 


    KSI Anatomy> I mean, I don't think the news team could've been as well structured back in the day if it wasn't for his help. I had a blast at the same time even when the team was just made up of me, Anatomy, and Lolo.


    KSI New Blue: What is your proudest moment or achievement in KSI?


    KSI BlazZze 7: Helping to rebuild LE from falling apart, to a fully fledged flagship division.


    KSI New Blue: Is there anything you wish you could have done differently?


    KSI BlazZze 7: If anything, I wish I got more heavily involved with web ops when I first joined. I did participate with web ops at that time, but I wasn’t as heavily involved as I wish I was.


    KSI New Blue: How would you describe your time in KSI with only 3 words?


    KSI BlazZze 7: Exciting, enlightening, and inspirational.


    KSI New Blue: You're a pretty quiet guy nowadays. Will we see you come out of retirement anytime soon?


    KSI BlazZze 7: Haha, good question! More than likely not. My clan ops days are over (for the foreseeable future). I enjoy video editing and writing in my free time but I don't plan to make a return to web ops.


    So, that’s Blasé’s thoughts on Blasé, but what do his ex-peers think of him? I asked Nex Addo and Miss LoLo what they had to say.


    Miss LoLo: He's always been thorough and encouraging. We had great team cohesion under his guidance, and the quality standards were really high, which propelled the team to learn and improve. I recall the banter between him and Anatomy was pretty funny! His temperament definitely sets him apart. He is good-natured and rarely got worked up about something. He kept us on task while still keeping good humor. He led the most active and highest quality news team since the days of Ch1ef running it.


    Nex Addo: He's quirky, odd, and funny, though his leadership makes himself equal. He’s constantly checking on his team. The fact that everyone including him is on the same goal is what makes him different. Besides the title, he's not more important than anyone else.


    Thanks for taking the time to learn more about a member of the community you may not have known! Do you have a member in mind you want to know more about? Feel free to send me a message on discord at KSI New Blue#5555! Thanks to BlazZze, Miss LoLo and Nex Addo for their parts in this article. See you next time on Member Spotlight!


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