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    Member Spotlight - KSI Johnson 7

    Member Spotlight - KSI Johnson 7


    Recently the Board decided that it was time to open up seats for representatives from each division. In turn both divisions had the opportunity to fairly vote on people to represent their division and their needs. On behalf of the Board and community itself, I would like to thank Fatal Genesis and Fallen Angels on their participation in the vote. Please congratulate and welcome KSI Johnson 7 (FG)



    KSI Johnson 7

    Fatal Genesis' Board Rep.

    FG Co-Founder



    Chaoticz 7: Johnson, how do you feel about being voted into this seat?


    Johnson 7: I am happy that my division was confident in choosing me as their representative. I will proudly represent my division.


    Chaoticz 7: Ultimately, what do you hope to achieve during your term?


    Johnson 7: By sitting on the board, I hope to make a positive difference in KSI and to present to the Board the best possible representation of FG.


    Chaoticz 7: You were a previous KSI member, correct? What made you rejoin?


    Johnson 7: Yes, I was previously in KSI. I originally joined in 2013 and built up Treadstone division to just over 250 members across both PS3 and PS4. I started the first PS4 squad, I had to pursue career opportunities so I left to prevent my job search from hindering the division in my absence. I returned a few months later when I job and stayed for a while but then decided it was best to do my own thing for a while. I joined this time to do what I have always done in KSI and that is to assist the division in positive growth and pass along the knowledge I have gained about the community over the years.


    Chaoticz 7: Currently as a Co-Founder for Fatal Genesis, where do you hope to advance to in the Clan Operations side of KSI?


    Johnson 7: I am hoping to build the division necessitate a full div staff and continue to build enough members to participate in a div split. If all goes well, I would like to put myself into a position to be the first Director on PlayStation.


    Chaoticz 7: What advice can you give to members seeking to become a leader like you?


    Johnson 7: As for advice I would give for people wanting to become a leader like me, I would tell them that working to create an environment where everyone treats each other like family


    Chaoticz 7: What one word describes your experience in KSI?


    Johnson 7: Family.


    Johsnon 7: We have came a long way since I began building the PS4 divisions and, I am very happy with where we are at today for multiple reasons. I have learned from my mistakes in the past and, I have used these lessons learned to better build squads and the division as a whole. These lessons have served me well and, it is the reason Exodus squad was so successful and was able to split into the new squad for Rainbow 6 Seige and rocket league. I am happier than ever about our relationship with the senior leaders, their choices for how to handle future endeavors and the support we have received from them.

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