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    Nex Addo's XMAS Giveaway

    Hey Peeps! It is my favorite time of the year I get to give away more stuff. I wanted to first express that I appreciate the patience that you have given me as I wanted to get this out in time but due to unforeseen events I was unable and now that is out of the way let us get to it.

    First, let me say thank you very much for KSI Diablo for helping out with this and this is his first forums event with me and was awesome to work with. Secondly, thank you JT for participating in part of the giveaway process. Thirdly thank you Lyricani for the graphics work. 


    Whats up for grabs this year?

    A $25 Gift card for Xbox (if a PS Peep gets it then PS gift card)

    3 KSI Global Stickers from JT



    1 Submission from each person *anyone who answers at least 10 question gets two submissions anyone who tries the puzzles gets 1 submission*

    Have fun and remember this is Christmas time!

    Submit your answers to me by PM @Nex Addo by hover with your mouse over my name and hitting the mail button. You also have the choice to message me on Discord



    Puzzle Section 1 (Unscramble the words) *Christmas Theme*


    Puzzle Section 2 (Trivia Time) *KSI and Christmas Theme*


    This guy goes by many names and sports a beard, who is he?

    - This guy is mysterious, has been around a long time, likes green, and goes by 3 names, who is he?

    - This guy goes by alien and is Scottish, who is he?

    - He has the name of a god, does FTLA, and hangs around Cali a lot, who is he?

    - Tells stories of old and tells stories that last a long time, who is he?

    - Americans observe this day in December that involves Hawaii, what is this event called?

    - Name three songs of Christmas that are NOT from Mariah Carey and Michael Buble

    - What obsession do I have with? *bonus point and it is a food item*


    Puzzle Section 3 (Scavenger Hunt) 

    On December 1st I posted about an awareness that has affected the world and KSI, what was it about?

    - Name 3 Hall of Famers

    - How many divisions are in KSI Global at the moment? *estimate*

    - How many departments are in KSI Global? *estimate* 

    - You will have to go through them before you can come back if you have been Blacklisted or DNHed, who are they?

    - Name 1 series we have on our Youtube Channel





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    On 12/12/2017 at 10:51 AM, Chaoticz 7 said:

    Idk if I'm just blind and missed it, but when will the winner be announced?


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