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    September of the Month Winners

    KSI Global every month gives the community a chance to recognize those who have been seen by their peers for doing their part in this community. Each month we want to thank every member of this community for making a difference and during the month of September the following are those who stood out to their fellow members for numerous reasons. 

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    "The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do."  - Kobe Bryant, Professional Basketball Player


    KSI GAME 7   "Senior Leader of The Month"

    KSI Mizz Airy   "Director of the Month"

    KSI Anubis 7   "Division Leader of the Month"

    KSI Blazedaily 7   "CoDivision Leader of the Month"

    KSI Hardman 7   "Founder of the Month"

    KSI Altair S7   "CoFounder of the Month"

    KSI Packers 97   "General of the Month"

    KSI x Partyboy X   "Officer of the Month"

    KSI DoWrk   "Member of the Month"

    KSI panda sr   "Global Member of the Month"

    KSI Airborn 7   "Forums Staff Member of the Month"

    KSI Hoedoor   "Streamer of the Month"




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