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  • This Week in KSI (August Week 1)

    This Week in KSI (August Week 1)


    This is a weekly article we will hope to keep going, bringing news to members and visitors on the happenings of KSI Global Gaming Network.


    Web Operations


    Web Ops has seen some rocky times recently, but we are getting back to our roots and making the site great again!


    • KSI Anatomy 7 was permanently made Director of Web Operations.
    • KSI Biddulph 7 was promoted to Events Team Manager.
    • KSI Vanilla 7 was promoted to Personnel Dept. Manager.
    • The Events team have been working hard in discussion on new events and tournaments to start implementing soon.
    • Achievement Awards Program team have been working on getting through member requests on the site and making sure everyone gets recognition.
    • The Twitch Team are hiring new staff and implementing a new schedule to get the channel going again.
    • The News Team are hiring new staff and putting some new features into place such as weekly series (like this.
    • The Graphics Team are working away at completing member requests as well as Departmental requests too.


    Fatal Genesis 


    The PlayStation 4 division has been once again shining brightly in the community. Under the leadership of KSIJohnson 7 - Co-Founder - and KSI Poseidon 7 -Co-Founder, they have really been making some great strides.


    • Fortuna FG was merged into Integritas FG to allow Fortuna to have a stable Officer core and for them to get a chance to learn more and further their training in KSI.
    • KSI Poseidon 7 is running a recruiting incentive for Exodus FG with a prize for the first person to 25.
    • The division has been focussing on getting people trained up for the unfilled positions within each squad.
    • Attendance for meetings has been excellent, with the attendance for gamenights increasing after each one.KSI Kered 7 - Executive Director of KSI - hosted a workshop lately that also saw a great attendance from FG.


    Fatal Genesis' Rainbow  Six Siege Headhunters team ran a tryout this week. Congratulations to the following members on making the cut to the team!








    Congratulations to the following members on being promoted within FG!


    Leviticus FG

    xxlil_Hadesxx27, to Corporal

    Bada55kidop, to Sergeant

    johngalbraith93, to Sergeant

    KSI_Diesel_King_87, to 3rd Lieutenant

    KSI_Shadow_Yoshi, to 2nd Lieutenant

    KSI Osiris, to 1st Lieutenant

    KSI THEDRAMAMOMMA, to 1st Captain


    Integritas FG

    Dynomite313, to Corporal

    Sidetrack22, to Corporal

    jboss25457, to Corporal

    KSI Shy, to Sergeant

    Fallen_Phoenix, to Sergeant

    ProMicroW, to Sergeant

    LegendaryGameDay, to 4th Lieutenant

    SgtScorch, to 3rd Lieutenant

    Warblingsleet, to 4th Captain

    Archangel393, to 3rd Captain

    Highpointed, to 2nd Captain

    Rattlingmonster, to 1st Captain

    Ronald_McFallin, to Major


    Invicta FG

    KSI_Hades, to 4th Lieutenant

    KSI_Sxra, to 2nd Lieutenant

    KSI Serenity, to 1st Lieutenant

    KSI_Infinite, to 2nd Captain

    KSI CyanideDream, to 1st Captain


    Fallen Angels


    The Xbox One division has faced some troubled times recently but is finally getting back on its feet.


    • Recently  Purgatory FA was created with KSI Vanilla 7 as the General. Purgatory is a Halo squad that will seek to bring KSI back to its glory days.
    • There was a change in leadership within Rapture FA resulting in some promotions.
    • KSI CurrlyFry came up with an idea for a new recruiting/orientation process that is now being implemented within Rapture.
    • The weekly schedule for the squad is getting changed up to try and motivate better activity and interaction between members.
    • Gun crowns are being put on a hold for the time being in Rapture but hopefully see a return in the near future.


    Congratulations on the following people being promoted within FA!


    Rapture FA

    II RESCUE II, to Corporal

    KSI Biddulph 7, to General

    KSI BIG JOHN 7, to Co-Founder

    Edited by Chaoticz 7

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