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  • This Week in KSI (August Week 3)

    This Week in KSI (August Week 3)


    Grimoire Heart



    Our PC division is still grinding out, Division Leader and Board Member KSI Crusader 7 tells me. They are starting to run guild group dungeons such as mythic dungeons on World of Warcraft. They are working on filling up their raid team to 13 raiders (currently sitting at 9 raiders), so 4 more and our  KSI WoW raid team will be ready to roll!


    After a short conversation with KSI Crusader 7 explaining how the levelling system works (to me accepting that it pretty much the Destiny concept), he told me that more and more of GH's numbers are reaching level 120 so things are progressing well. Level 120 is the max level to do end-game content. Having more max level members means more frequent raids and end-game content to be done. With a solid team of two tanks, three healers, and four DPS so far, the division is seeking four more DPS and they'll be golden!


    Fatal Genesis


    Founder and Board Member KSI Johnson 7 tells me things are moving nicely within our PlayStation 4 division. It really is awesome to see a platform that previously hasn't been the biggest success for KSI finally start to rock! Keep doing what you're doing FG!


    Congratulations on the following FG members on their promotions:


    Leviticus FG


    THEDRAMAMOMMA, to 1st Captain

    Osiris, to 1st Lieutenant

    shadow_yoshi, to 2nd Lieutenant

    diesel_king, to 3rd Lieutenant


    Invicta FG


    Maestro, to Lieutenant


    Integritas FG


    ProMicro, to 1st Lieutenant

    unitedmarines, to 4th Lieutenant


    Exodus FG


    KSI_Prodigy, to Lieutenant

    KSI_Neon, to Lieutenant

    KSI_Hexflame, to Lieutenant

    KSI_HulkHogan, to Captain



    Fallen Angels


    Nothing out of the ordinary going on with the boxxers this week, just usual fun and games for this lot! Rapture FA, led by KSI xMigrainex as General, have been discussing their upcoming squad split goal more. The idea of getting gun crowns back up has been discussed which is awesome. Those who are unfamiliar with the concept of gun crowns, simply put: members within the squad can "claim" a gun crown for a specific weapon which then allows other members to challenge the said member to a 1v1 for the crown itself. It is a fun concept that pits members against each other in a friendly yet competitive nature. 


    Congratulations on the following people on being promoted with Fallen Angels:


    Rapture FA


    StatuaryAlarm67, to Private First Class

    KSI SexyMusic, to 4th Lieutenant

    KSI CupKake, to 3rd Lieutenant

    KSI CurrlyFry, to 1st Captain



    Thank you for checking out the weekly KSI Global Newsletter! Catch us again next week with more information on the who and what. Questions can be directed towards any of the following:


    Web Operations Director: KSI Anatomy 7

    Fatal Genesis Founder: KSI Johnson 7

    Fallen Angels Co-Founder: KSI BIG JOHN 7

    Grimoire Heart Division Leader: KSI Crusader 7

    Forums Global Moderator: KSI Chaoticz 7 



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