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    This Week in KSI (August Week 4)

    This Week in KSI (August Week 4)


    Grimoire Heart

    Continually working on their raid team for World of Warcraft, GH recruited some new members this week! Cesilius joined the raid team as a healer, Sherlokgnomz joined the raid team as a damage dealer, and guurendal joined the raid team as a damage dealer. On behalf of the community, welcome to KSI


    The raid team is now at 12 members and just needs one more DPS for a full team. Raiding will begin on Saturday 8th September!


    Congratulations on the following GH members on their promotions:


    MadDogKrazy, to Knight/Sergeant

    Tyensand, to Squire/Corporal

    sherlokgnomz, to Squire/Corporal

    Cesilius, to Squire/Corporal

    guurendal, to Squire/Corporal



    Fatal Genesis


    Congratulations on the following FG members on their promotions:



    Hihjpointed, to 1st Captain

    Archangel, to 2nd Captain

    Warblingsleet, to 3rd Captain



    KSI_Serenity, to Major

    KSI_Shank, to Lieutenant

    KSI_kidvixen, to Sergeant

    KSI_Mephios, to Private

    KSI_pinkbandit, to Private







    Fallen Angels


    Purgatory FA has been continuing to bring in new members and expand their activity for Halo 5. Some members have been working on a Forge map possibly for training, recruitment, or just squad chill time. Rapture FA prepared for it's upcoming split for the following week. Plans were made for who was going to the new squad, Judgement FA, and who would remain.


    Congratulations on the following FA members on their promotions:



    KSI CurrlyFry, to Major

    KSI ItsEcho, to 1st Captain

    KSI Roaddog21, to 3rd Captain

    KSI Dexx, to 4th Captain



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