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    What is a Leader?

    What is a Leader? 

         What do you think of when you hear the words Leadership or Leader? The first thing that comes to mind for a few of us is our Generals, Majors, Co-Founders, or Division leaders. Truth be told being a “Leader” isn’t defined by rank, even if some will argue anyone above you is your leader. If you feel compelled to earn the formal title of one that’s easy: Join a squad, change your name to include KSI, recruit quality members and train them. When you have a handle on that it's time to start stepping up; maybe host a workshop, recruit more members, be active and your effort will be recognized and rewarded by gaining a rank with a job description. Anyone can do it, but there is more to being a leader than just that.
         Whenever I think back on what leadership means to me, I always remember the days when life was simple and the way we identified leaders was by who was chosen to be one in a game of follow the leader. We didn’t have to talk things out, or if we were the leader, we didn’t have to worry about those who followed us. We merely had fun, lived in the moment, and did not have to think of how our efforts or actions impact those around us. When I take those precious memories and compare them to what I know today, I realized leaders walk a fine line between success and failure now. We can’t just live in the moment all the time, as a leader you have people relying on you; one mistake, and you could feel like you failed them. Balancing on that line all the time and being pushed always to succeed is a lot of pressure for those who put their team's needs above their own.
         I know all of this is based on personal opinion and perception but, how I identify a leader is someone who displays specific ethical characteristics. I want to see them strive to be in a good moral standing for themselves and their team. Be unbiased, never rash on their judgment calls. Try not to be too harsh or soft with their team but mainly be adaptive to your squad. No two situations will be the same, so we as leaders need to be able to fill in whenever necessary to achieve success as a whole.
         Now take a moment to reflect.
    What makes for good leadership?
    How can you identify someone as a leader? Are they born, raised or trained into being a proper leader? Who out there is a real leader to you? 


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