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    Battlefield 1 - Spring Update: Platoons, Servers, and Weapons Info!

    On April 24th, 2017 DICE livestreamed the official reveal and a teaser for the BF1 Spring Update; giving details about weapons, vehicles, dog tags, and much more - excitement was high and anticipation was huge.

    Battlefield 1 has definitely secured a foothold within our gaming community over the past 4-6 months. Looking back to when the first Battlefield 1 squad was opened in KSI and comparing it to now where many divisions are now supporting this game: TR, IE, HF, and SR all have Battlefield 1 squads, with a combined number of 6 squads. What do all these squads have in common? Teamwork!

    DICE stated that the theme of this Spring Update is teamwork. Honoring those that go out their way to: revive, heal, resupply, repair, and more.


    One of the most anticipated features for this update is the addition of Platoons. Platoons -featured in Battlefield installments in the past - are a big part of teamwork within the game. It gives players the ability to be a member of something bigger. How do Platoons work?

    Think of Platoons as an in-game clan. Within a Platoon, you can have 100 members, including those with administration abilities. The General has full access over the Platoon, they can: change the emblem, change the clan tag, remove members, approve members, and much more. The Colonel has near enough the same access as the General but does not have the ownership status over the Platoon. Lieutenants have some administrative abilities, such as approving members to join the Platoon. Privates have no administrative abilities.

    You have the ability to choose who can join your Platoon through three different privacy settings: Open means that anyone to join the Platoon, Apply-to-Join means that anyone can apply to join the Platoon but only those approved are accepted, and Closed means that nobody can join the Platoon.

    Players have the ability to join 10 Platoons maximum, including Platoons with pending join requests. Players, however, can only choose one Platoon to be their active one. The active Platoon is the one that you represent when riding into battle.

    If you have a squad with all Platoon members, the name of that squad will be changed from Apples, Butters, etc to the name of your Platoon.

    When capturing a flag point on a map, the Platoon that contributes the most -minimum of two Platoon members present- receive a smaller flag on the flagpole which shows the Platoon emblem.

    Server Changes

    For those that own servers or have played on a private server, you will know how irritating it can get at times due to different factors. DICE have heard our pleas and implemented some changes in an attempt to make the servers worth their price and more enjoyable as a whole.

    Server owners now have the ability to make their server PRIVATE - done by adding a password requirement to the server upon joining. This change has been added to allow more control over personal servers and to make clan events/tournaments simpler.

    You can now appoint other players to be server administrators, giving them limited abilities.

    You can now turn off Aim Assist in servers.

    You can change the required number of players to start a game.

    Medic Changes

    We’ve all witnessed it and we’ve all done it. When a Medic runs through a battlefield to get to a player only for them to press the skip button and respawn. DICE have noticed the rising hate directed towards medics of recent and have implemented a fix of sorts.

    They're calling it Revive Intent. Medics now have the ability to “spot” a downed enemy by aiming and double tapping the spot button. Instead of only showing Nearby Medics on the fallen player's screen it will now also show Incoming Medics.

    New Weapon Variants

    Players have been calling for an increase in the number of weapons for some time now. DICE have answered their calls. Each class has an upgraded variant of the current Rank 10 weapons:

    -Hellriegel 1915 Defensive. Includes a larger magazine capacity, a bipod, and an optical sight. (Acquirable by getting 300 kills with the original Hellriegel and 25 kills with Anti-Tank Mines)

    -Martini Henry Sniper. Includes a telescopic sight and a bipod. (Acquirable by getting 300 kills with the original Martini-Henry and 25 kills by Bayonet Charging)

    -Huot Automatic Optical. Includes an optical sight and a foregrip. (Acquirable by getting 300 kills with the original Huot Automatic and 25 kills with Limpet Charges)

    -Selbstlader 1906 Sniper. Includes a telescopic sight and a bipod. (Acquirable by getting 300 kills with the original Selbstlader 1906 and 25 kills with Rifle Grenades)

    Other Changes

    19 new ribbons have been added into the game, all focussed on teamwork. Additionally, 5 new dog tags have been added into the game.

    -Battlefest 2017

    -Answers HQ

    -Sakura & Murata

    -Regimental Stein

    -Play to Give

    A change to grenades has been made. If you throw a grenade, you previously would gain another after a designated amount of time. Now if you throw a grenade, you must go to an ammo crate to gain another, but within a certain amount of time. If you fail to get another grenade from a crate then you will not get another one until your next respawn.

    Kill Trading will now be available in the game. Previously if you shot a bullet it would disappear when you die. Now if you shoot a bullet and die it will continue along its natural path without any disturbance to the shot - meaning that kill trades can be made.

    Previously Map Voting was only available on Private Servers. It is now an official feature on all multiplayer games.

    DICE confirmed that they are working on bringing the Community Test Environment (CTE) to Xbox One. They have a deadline that they are working towards but will not release it at this time.

    Live Service Updates will now occur monthly, bringing new content and bug fixes to help improve the game.

    Many more changes were made. See the Official Patch Notes here;


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