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    Bungies Death Ending with Destiny 2

    Bungie's Death Ending with Destiny 2:

    By: Sterben

    News Team Writer


    Is Bungie a failed company? The answer is yes. In their early days, Bungie started out with the Halo franchise, the best series of that era. It continued for some time until after Halo: Reach Bungie broke off from Halo and moved on to a series that will forever live in infamy as one of the most failed Xbox franchises.


    Destiny 1 was a precursor to the inevitable end times of Bungie and their gaming days. At first, during beta testing, Destiny seemed to have a bright future...then came its release. Early on, Destiny had DLC which kept players entertained for a sum of a few months before the content went stale. Then there was more DLC, and again the cycle kept repeating itself into the next game in the series: Destiny 2.

    Bungie's latest project of madness: Destiny 2.  Why is this, you ask? From the loss of your D1 progress, to the completely altered weapon system, Destiny 2 is definitely not what fans or Bungie expected it to be. Story-wise, the game lacked just like its predecessor. The loot system was broken, players having to spend unnecessary periods of time to find decent weapons and/or gear. Repeated drops making farming a pointless endeavor.

    Destiny 2 itself then brought a whole new problem. Self-reliance on microtransactions with the Eververse kiosk. This concept was completely unfair to some players as many could not afford to buy these transactions especially if they are completionists. 


    The last problem is one D1 had. Content. As with D1, there were a few months at a time where DLC or updates brought new content to the front lines. However, with the release of D2’s Curse of Osiris, this DLC ended up as {like} the House of Wolves to some {-} lacking in content and bare{-}boned.


    The true question is: Can Bungie salvage the last ounce of reputation they have left by releasing a great DLC in the spring? I seriously hope Rasputin can bring a small glimmer of hope for this failing company. 


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