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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Rumours?

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Rumours?

    By:  UMBREON X



    With rumours of COD: MW2R being remastered a lot of players are to be hyped. Players may now get the chance to play an old classic that a lot of the COD community called the best game out there. Many fans have been speculating about various dates for COD: MW2R. Multiple sources saying that March 23rd would see big retailers push out the pre-order - which to the dismay of fans turned out to be false. However, a large majority of the community is hopeful that the game will drop before the already announced COD: BO4.

    Popular gaming news site Eurogamer recently released a report saying that their sources can confirm that COD: MW2R is real. Later, Kotaku (fellow gaming news site) stated that they can confirm the game will NOT have a multiplayer mode, but will, in fact, be a campaign only game. It would be wise to believe that this is true, considering Kotaku's track record. They are infamous for their predictions and reliability with other titles such as Destiny.

    Multiple big name COD YouTubers aren't happy with Activision's decision to make COD: MW2R a campaign only game when the original had both campaign and multiplayer. Despite rumours and reliability of sources, until Activision makes an official announcement then we will not know for sure whether the game will have multiplayer or when it will drop.

    From my reading about the game, the chances it will drop this year are unlikely. A developer from inside the studio stated that old titles will probably be redone with the new software coming. I for one would like to see the old titles remade and see what Activision can do to them.

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