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    NBA 2k18

    NBA 2K18

    It's almost time for it to be released, September 19th is the day.

    Some things to know if you pre-order, you get the special early tip-off edition which will get you:

    5,000 vc 

    Myplayer apparel 

    10 weekly my team packs. 

    Something that comes to my attention is that NBA 2K18 might be hard for some to buy, due to the fact that Kyrie Irving (The cover player) might not even be in a Cavaliers jersey next season. Being the cover athlete might be the only way we get to see kyrie in a cavaliers jersey other than highlights.

    My player is going to get a better career mode. My team is getting much needed updates and becoming more appealing to everyone.

    Something that is being rumored is that NBA 2K18 is getting rid of the MyPark part of the game. Personally I never enjoyed MyPark. I know some friends who are really heart broken by this, but as of right now we don't really know till the game is available for everyone. Until September 19th comes we are stuck waiting and wondering

    By the time this game comes out they'll have to make a roster update with all the free agent signings as well as all the trades that have happened. The outcome will look completely different, roster wise, by the time the game is released.

    Official NBA 2k 18 trailer


    Shags legend edition trailer 


    NBA 2k legends trailer 


    All YouTube videos make by NBA 2ks official YouTube. 

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