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    The New Way to Play?

    The New Way To Play?

    By: Biddulph 7

    Editor & Writer

    The gaming world always seems to rapidly evolve over the last few decades. First, it was gaming systems like the Magnavox Odyssey and the Atari who created the primary foundation for gaming as we comprehend it to be today. Then it was games like DOOM and Wolfenstein who created the FPS (First Person Shooter) genre. Then over the next two decades, gamers have bared witness to new genres and gaming platforms being introduced into the gaming industry, some revolutionary and some, not so much. Will Mobile gaming be the next major step for the gaming scene, or will it be just another road bump in the road?

    Recently, the most prominent gaming news has revolved around the aspect of “taking the console on the move” with Mobile gaming becoming the hottest new feature for those who are desiring to play Console/PC games like FORTNITE or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on iOS and Android. All of these significant releases were happening during the 2018 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California. While there were a bunch of new ideas, concepts, and plans regarding major indie projects and gaming companies; the release of the two most significant Battle Royal Games took the headlines.

    These two gaming juggernauts have made Mobile history, especially FORTNITE. It resonates across the gaming galaxy in a multitude of ways. The biggest reason being FORTNITE Mobile presents itself just like it does on Console and PC; having the same features, the full game on each platform, and it also allows for Mobile players to play with Console and & PC players together. This essentially has never occurred before. No game previously has ever allowed Mobile players to interact with other platforms like Xbox One and or PS4.     
    Regarding the Game Developers Conference, the conference itself has shifted its focus over the years concerning Mobile gaming and only recently become dominated by Indie developers and titles that are focused towards Mobile. Although large companies and triple-A console/PC titles still take up the majority of news, Mobile gaming has pushed the dominators aside and has created its own space in the world of gaming.

    Dan Gray of ustwo studios which is a part of the mobile indie/puzzle game Monument Valley 2, spoke with Techcrunch, stating how he has witnessed the change in attitude regarding Mobile becoming a serious competitor with other gaming platforms.

    “I remember the GDC before we launched Monument Valley. We were fortunate enough that Unity offered us a place on their stand. Nobody had heard of us or our game, and we were begging journalists to say hello, it’s crazy how things have changed in four years. We’ve now got three speakers at the conference this year, people stop you in the street (within a two-block radius) and were asked to be part of interviews like this about the future of mobile."

    Although FORTNITE and PlayerUnknown’s both released on iOS and Android, many gaming companies and gamers both believe that iOS will dominate the Mobile gaming market as more and more users use their smartphones to play favourite games. TechCrunch also spoke with Apple’s VP of iOS, iPhone, and iPad product marketing, Greg Joswiak, and they discovered how Apple is gaining the lead in the Mobile gaming race by promoting gaming.

    “I spoke to Apple VP Greg Joswiak about Apple’s place in the industry. “Gaming has always been one of the most popular categories on the App Store,” he says. A recent relaunch of the App Store put gaming into its own section and introduced a Today tab that tells stories about the games and their developers."

    TechCrunch also inquired about how Apple views its competitor and how they believe they have an advantage over Android. 

    “We bring a very homogenous customer base to developers where 90% of [devices] are on the current versions of iOS,” says Joswiak. Apple’s customers embrace those changes and updates quickly, he says, and this allows developers to target new features and the full capabilities of the devices more quickly."

    In regards to the Game Developers Conference, Apple is not an official sponsor of the event, but the company is hosting two sessions at the event, including an introduction and overview to Metal 2, and ARKit, Apples hope for the future of Mobile gaming. 

    With all this being said, there is an exciting future ahead for gaming, especially Mobile, with one of the worlds biggest tech companies being willing enough to engage in the gaming community that has encircled its platform. It also shows how the gaming industry is becoming more open to different avenues of platforms and Mobile becoming genuinely integrated into the gaming scene, with Mobile taking its portion of the market alongside the console, PC, and other portable gaming devices.

    Edited by Chaoticz 7

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