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    Hurricane Harvey: The Road to Recovery

    Hurricane Harvey: The Road to Recovery


    Houston is a region known for their resilience, and rightfully so. When the town was founded in the 1830’s, the residents quickly discovered that flooding was a major issue in the area, with floods occurring multiple times a year. Although that may be the case, Hurricane Harvey is a larger, more prominent issue then past floods.

    Since August 25th, when Harvey began its reign of terror over the Texas/Louisiana area, more then an estimated 27 trillion gallons of water has been released upon the regions, causing mass amounts of flooding in the Houston and Beaumont region of Texas. Due to the extreme nature of this flood, a great deal of residents have been forced to evacuate from their homes, but many desire to stay with their home and possessions, and outlast this freak of nature. If you happen to be one of the people, beware because this storm can cause catastrophic damage. 

    Since the remnants of Hurricane Harvey is still very present at this moment and time, the toll on life and property is still unknown. Sadly 40 people have been pronounced dead from Hurricane Harvey’s vicious assault on Texas. Many individuals wished to reside in their homes during the event due to their unwillingness to give up. 

    Flooded residential area in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

    ABC News

    With that in mind, many people are now either trapped or stranded from the flood. Relief efforts are currently underway to attempt to rescue any survivors trapped from the flood, but it could take days for all trapped residents to be rescued, due to the sheer size of this catastrophe. 

    Last Friday, President Donald Trump called for a “National Day of Prayer,” that would take place on Sunday, to honor the victims of Hurricane Harvey. During this, the White House is expected to ask Congress for $14.5 billion, which would go directly to the relief efforts in Texas. $14.5 billion would definitely contribute to the relief efforts, but many speculate the total cost of damages to be well over $190 billion, with an estimated $97 billion being just for damages. If all estimates are correct, Hurricane Harvey would be the most expensive storm in U.S. history. 

    Hurricane Harvey didn’t just bring rain; on Friday evening, a fire engulfed a section of a chemical plant North-East of Houston, causing a mass amount of black smoke to fill the surrounding area. The day before the fire broke out, a chemical storage trailer exploded at the same chemical plant, due to the Hurricane knocking out the refrigeration system needed to keep the stored chemicals at a stable temperature. The chemicals are expected to irritate the eyes, nose, and lungs, but the company that owned the plant never stated how much of a true long-term impact the chemicals could have on the health of nearby residents. 

    Alongside the worry of another potential chemical spill/chemical fire, many scientists have expressed concern about the flood water. A CNN senior medical correspondent stated, "The potential for contamination is everywhere.” He continued to state that he was worried about the health effects among people who had spent time in the water, especially those who might have gotten cut while walking through the murky depths. "People with underlying illnesses, pregnant women, the elderly and young children would also be more susceptible to illnesses resulting from contact with contaminated water.” – Scutti, S. (CNN, 2017, September 01) 

    Time and time again Houston has witnessed and been victim to flooding, and even though Hurricane Harvey put a dent into the spirits of the Houstonian population; just like every time before, they will recover and prosper off Hurricane Harvey. 

    KSI is a community that desires to contribute to those in need. We will never demand or request that KSImembers should donate towards an issue or event, such as Hurricane Harvey, but we wish for all members who are eligible to donate to Hurricane Harvey to do so https://fundraise.convoyofhope.org/team/132206at: 

    Alongside the donation, those who choose to donate receive a special forums awards dedicated to those who contributed towards the relief efforts of Hurricane Harvey. Do not do this for the award, or to satisfy KSI leadership. Do this for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.


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