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    The Twitch Experience

    Twitch is one the platforms that revolutionized the way we share our gaming content. Years ago when I first started gaming, if you wanted people to see your gameplay you had two options. Number one, the person had to be there and witness it your gameplay or two, you needed a capture card device to record the gameplay and create a montage for others to watch and enjoy your gameplay. Halo 3 also brought gameplay sharing to another level, so that you could watch your gameplay and record certain clips to share with others. That was the normal routine for many gamers until Twitch released. Now I would like to cover how KSI utilizes the Twitch Platform. Many of our members like to stream their games on Twitch for the enjoyment of others. When a Member streams their gameplay, it allows the viewers to not only watch but interact with the streamer and others in the community. Another cool way KSI utilizes Twitch is that we stream our "Of The Month" awards. These awards are given to Members, Officers, and Leaders who show incredible skills, leadership, and initiative in KSI. These awards are voted on by the members of KSI every month and are announced anywhere from the 10th to the 12th of each month. This is your chance to see other members in other divisions and interact with all the members in KSI. Now, I don't think you'll be bored watching KSI members' streams because it's always fun and games! I encourage you to take a little time out of your day to check out the Official KSITwitch Channel and tune in for the "Of The Month" awards every month. I Remind you, the awards only happen once a month and it's always great to come out, rep your division, and rep your squad! Bring the heat for your teams and your generals because I hope to see you there!

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