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    A Christmas-Eve Story

         ‘Twas the night before Christmas and the Adams family was preparing for the celebration. Joey was writing his 3rd wish list, adding something more with each addition, his new desire was the Xbox One X. Sarah was helping her mother bake cookies in the kitchen, cutting them out in the shapes of snowmen, stars, and Christmas trees. Dad was outside shoveling the driveway, turning on the Christmas lights and waiting to sneak the rest of the gifts in the house.

         With the driveway clean, the cookies in the oven, and the wish list under the tree, the Adams gathered in the living room to watch A Christmas Story and enjoying family time together.The wind was blowing outside, snow falling, and the moon rising in the sky as there was a knock on the door. Dad arose from his seat, slowly wandered to the door and opened it to be met by nothing more than the brisk winter air chilling him to the bone.

         Once finished with the movie and tucking in the children, Mom and Dad set out the Christmas cookies, locked the doors and slipped their gifts to Sarah and Joey under the tree. With that,they headed to bed and were asleep before the cookies had cooled, but Joey’s night wasn’t finished.

         After opening one eye to make sure his room was empty, he crept to the door and slid it open slowly. He peeked into the hall and with his parents sound asleep he snuck downstairs and made it to the cookie tray without a peep. His eyes widened as he stared down at them, mouth-watering slightly, he took hold of one and shoved it in his mouth.

         His bite was cut short as he heard another knock on the door. He started to walk towards the door, unconcerned as he savored the cookie he was still chewing on. With a gust of wind and a loud swoosh the door swung open, and Joey’s eyes widened evenfurther. There, standing just outside the doorway was a man with a large white beard and an even greater belly, all wrapped up in a red outfit.

         Joey’s mouth twisted up, butas his eyes made their way to the man’s hand, he couldn’t help but smile. In the stranger's hand was a green and black box, inside a new Xbox. Slowly, as if with great effort, the man held the gift out to Joey. Joey walked forward, each step silent, to not wake his parents. Before Joey made it close enough to touch the new Xbox the man clapped his hands together and from between them crumbled nothing but lumps of broken coal.

         Before Joey could even begin to tear up two small elves rushed past Santa and grabbed Joey by each arm. They put a green hat on him and drug him out the front door. With a whisp, the door slid shut, and Santa began his walk back to his sled. Chuckling, he climbed into his seat and yelled out for all the children to hear,
    “I will have my cookies, or I will have a new Elf!”

    -Courtesy of Toxic 7

    -Edited by KSI MutedDoll

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