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    The Review - Game of Thrones

         Today marks a new era in KSI News; we will be expanding our horizons in many different ways in the weeks to come. To kick this off, we will be starting a series revolving around TV shows, movies, books, and game reviews. Now, let’s talk about a book turned TV series that became a hit beyond what anyone could imagine; I’m talking about Game of Thrones of course. The book series A Song of Ice and Fire was on my favorites list before I had ever watched a single episode of the show. Book one, A Game of Thrones, with a large number of pages, started out a bit slow for me as I wasn’t hooked until about the middle of the book; however after I made it that far I couldn’t put it down. Book two, A Clash of Kings, continued the story right where the first left off and I had finished it within a week. The remaining books, A Storm of Swords, A Feast for Crows, and A Dance with Dragons, took less than six weeks to finish. Now being that I was in love with the books, I was scared to ruin it by watching the show.

         As we all well know, the adaptations never quite live up to the hype. However! By the end of the first episode, I was in awe. I binge watched every season from 1-6 within a month and was shocked. The show was just as story-telling, action-packed, exciting and all around attractive as the books. Somewhere in the 6th-7th seasons the show surpassed the published books. However, the producers are working with the author to complete the series as he intends to finish the books. The 7th season was especially exciting as I hadn’t read most of what happens yet. If I had to nitpick, the only downfalls of the show currently are that the final season won’t air until sometime in 2019 and the worst part yet, that it must end at all. In summary, if you enjoy action, fantasy, dragons, sexy scenes, and a story that can attract anyone, this is definitely worth watching and reading. Note that the books and show both contain a lot of adult content, so it may not be the show to watch with the kids. If I had to give a rating, altogether this series would get 4.5 stars.


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