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  1. R00t Da3m0n

    Blacklist Abolished

    KSI Global Members, I just wanted to take a moment to make everyone aware of our change in stance concerning blacklists. I want to first make everyone aware of the change and how it will impact the community as well as relations with other communities. Secondly, I want to be clear on why we made the decision we made and how we think it will allow us to not only grow our community but be better individuals, leaders, and most importantly human beings. So what is this big change? We have cleared the Blacklist and going forward we will no longer be using a Blacklist! Now I know some of you probably just said "What the?" or "Is he crazy?" out loud. Please take the time to read the entire reasoning and vision before forming your opinion. What if people are kicked out? We will still have a strict DNH (Do Not Hire) policy. Members who are removed for serious violations of the C.o.C. will not be allowed to join or participate in "Community activities" or be in divisions/squads. However, KSI members will be allowed to associate and game with the DNH'd individuals. What if people are being disruptive/abusive? We need to simple work as a team and make smart decisions about who we associate with. If someone is harassing you or another member, simple block and part ways with the individual. Don't feed into the nonsense, just move on and enjoy your game time with your fellow KSI members. If a KSI member is hanging around someone that is acting in this way have an open dialog and let them know that you don't wish to hang out with the disruptive individual. If it continues to be an issue than simply don't associate with the member and inform your leadership. Why? - This is probably the most important question to answer. My question to you would be, What does a blacklist really accomplish? Many communities/gamers that are blacklisted see it as either a badge of honor or a personal insult. Both of which are contradicting to our goal of helping shape better individual. We need to learn to be better people and see situations from both sides of the coin. Even if we can't see eye to eye we still treat the other person with respect, even when they are not respectful to us. We all make friends with people that may not be the type of character that we look to have within KSI. It is not our place as a community to dictate with whom you can and can not play with. It is your money that pays for your internet, console, games, etc. You should be able to enjoy it with whomever you want. My vision is for all gamers to have fun gaming while helping each other to become not just better gamers but also better people. Our world is full of terrible people, lets help change that one person at a time. Never leave a KSI member behind! -KSI JT 7 aka Jtthemarine aka R00t Da3m0n Proud lifelong member of KSI
  2. R00t Da3m0n


    Welcome @KSI_Unholy ! Glad to have you on board, I don't have a PS4 but if you need help with anything on the site please let us know.
  3. R00t Da3m0n


    As many of you know there has been a lot of information flying around lately. I just want to set the record straight so we are all on the same page. 1. This website has always been home to the one true KSI. 2. It will continue to do so. 3. I am and have always been the highest ranking KSI member still around for at least 8 years. 4. We will continue to run KSI now and forever 5. Those that want to stay apart of KSI are more than welcome to, those that want to leave with BT are more than welcome to( no hard feelings ). More details will be announced shortly -KSI JT 7 aka jtthemarine aka R00t Da3m0n Creator since 2003
  4. I wish people would say & do what they thought, without playing games.

  5. I can't believe I went through with it!

  6. Ten years... It's been fun. #NextAdventure

  7. Running into random people you used to work with.... Kinda cool sometimes

  8. R00t Da3m0n

    Black Friday Deals

    Last minute Black Friday deal! 50% off all in stock shop items NOW until Midnight! Get them before they are gone Promo Code - KSIFRIDAY17
  9. About to watch Justice League...

  10. I understand the reason for this curfew.... but damn!

  11. R00t Da3m0n

    Gif request

    Thank you for your suggestion but we want to try and keep the forums neat and borderline professional. Not a cartoony flashy site like some others have.
  12. R00t Da3m0n

    The New Layout

    So I mean no disrespect to anyone when I say...... All that is temporary. Didn't have time to remodify theme after I did a platform update yesterday
  13. R00t Da3m0n

    Finally Back

    Wow that is a blast from the past