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  1. KSI O Malley 7

    Your Top 3 KSI Leaders of All Time?

    KSI Capstone 7 KSI Deamon 7 KSI Warpath 7
  2. KSI O Malley 7

    Pooter is Back?

    I remember TK. KSI Cold 7, Virus, Sxy Angel. Damn that brings back some good memories
  3. KSI O Malley 7

    Simply sayin hello

    are you a fan of Wing Commander by any chance?
  4. KSI O Malley 7

    KSI Valiant 7 aka KSI Ethicz 7"

    KSI Fame was KSI Helix
  5. KSI O Malley 7

    Anatomy's Love List <3

    hey i want one of those sigs lol and i thought you was my pookie now
  6. KSI O Malley 7

    Just stopping by again

    Whats up Regal
  7. KSI O Malley 7


    And Not to mention it is a direct violation of the KSI Code of Conduct
  8. KSI O Malley 7

    KSI Gamertag

    Co-founders who have a 7 either on't know the rules of they were previous 7's. The rule is you earn your 7 after being a successful Founder with a growing division for 6 weeks. After the 6 week time frame and a director approves it, you get your 7
  9. KSI O Malley 7

    Old Skool Baby!

    Whats up Wonderbread long time no see bro
  10. Don't send random messages to me on Live again. You're not on my friends list and probably never will be. Next time you'll be blocked from communications.

  11. KSI O Malley 7

    Thoughts on Gun Ban

    Amen hellhound
  12. KSI O Malley 7


    as far as i know there is no way to make the shoutbox compatible for the mobile site. it is a addon application and it was not made for mobile support
  13. KSI O Malley 7

    The AAP

    the reason why its flawless is cause it is set the way Nex Addo and I had this AAP running
  14. KSI O Malley 7

    Oh Herrrro...

    yeah i was but my work keeps me off the console a lot as well