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  1. downloading music and an hour till work. -_-

  2. downloading music and an hour till work. -_-

  3. the Jummy

    Being spiteful.

  4. stfu you ****ers.


  5. Happy Birthday, the Jummy! :)

  6. the Jummy

    Divisional Sections

    More KSI members that have been notified and are viewing this topic are voting for option #2. Hence how Option #2 has made a drastic come back compared to option #1. Reason why Option #1 was getting a lot of votes was because non-KSI members reside in the general area; where this poll is being held. KSI members reside all over while some KSI members stick to their divisional forums only. Thanks to JT for making the poll a global announcement so no member can miss it.
  7. Erm... No. I didn't steal anything from you.

  8. the Jummy

    Divisional Sections

    Because this is America.
  9. the Jummy

    Divisional Sections

    If a member decides to quit KSI then he/she has to expect to lose certain privilege he/she had as a member. In my opinion; such privilege is the ability to view their divisional forum. When I was in LE; I never allowed non-members and other divisional members have their say in an LE matter. Simply because it doesn't concern them and we never asked for their two cents; if they want to involved in LE matters they can get a transfer. I don't see no problem with allowing KSI members to have the ability to view all divisional forums because at times a XD member might have a good idea for UV to utilize and vice versa. However, I see absolutely no reason for a non-KSI member to utilize the forums as he did before he left the KSI ranks. When I stepped down from Co Clan Leader I knew my privileges were going to be stripped; such being access to ksiclan.net and having the authority to make something happen. I didn't mind because I accepted that truth... You quit, you lose options; whether it be stock or the ability to use the company pencil sharperner. Figuritely speaking of course.
  10. the Jummy

    Divisional Sections

    I said it appears so. And as to how I reached said conclusion; the people who have voiced such opinion are not members except for a few. And yes; if your not in KSI it's no longer your place to speak in divisional forums as that is their own forum for what I explained earlier. If you feel the need to continue your sentimental relationships and friendships with people still in KSI you can still use the general forums. So arguing that still having the right to interact in a divisional forum is mute as a large majority of individuals interact in the general area.
  11. the Jummy

    Divisional Sections

    It appears most people voting in favor of leaving as is are people no longer members of KSI. JT; this vote would be better served by KSI BoD & Seniors.
  12. the Jummy

    Divisional Sections

    Bah; observation shouldn't be key. Most people observe KSI in-game and how we interact with each other in the general forum area. Division forums are meant for division news, updates, rosters, promotions, and anything pertaining to that division. As far as I'm concerned that content has no reason to be observed by non-KSI members.
  13. the Jummy

    Divisional Sections

    Respectably; only KSI members. Thinking about it a lot of divisions are very head strong about it being their division and even taking advice from other KSI members from different divisions are not welcomed. I don't see any reason why a non-KSI individual has to post / read a KSI division forum.
  14. the Jummy

    Gamercards or avatars

    Gamercards; has a picture of avatars, games played and plus I can rep. my 28k achievement points. GGN uses avatars so I'm pretty sure the dude with ideas isn't very original.
  15. the Jummy

    What is this?

    God, they're all awful.