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  1. Only allowed 0 messages per day

    It is likely an issue with the settings of the Twitch Team user group settings and their maximum daily message limit. Unfortunately, I can’t fix it for you. You’ll have to wait till Game or Kered get to it.
  2. Admin Request Box.

    How's that Forum Restructure coming along, Kered?
  3. members online limited?

    Yeah. How about instead of being a prick, you go back and read MY response.... I said that both Current Members Online (the small list) and Members Online in Past 24 Hours (the larger list) shouldn't be limited that I know of... Dont start pulling your **** with me, Boreas... Open your eyes and read...
  4. members online limited?

    Members Online is not limited. The Members Online in the past 24 hours is also not limited (to my knowledge). Could it be that your division is not as active as you would like?
  5. display name

    You posted in the same forum where there's a topic that says "How to change your Display Name" with step by step instructions... The only more obvious it could have been made was with flashing lights and a "scratch N sniff" sticker...
  6. Admin Request Box.

    And moved to The Graveyard....
  7. Forums issues

    They we're all working 100% before I left. I'd help fix it too..... But, you know.... Easiest solution is to remove the role from his permissions until it's fixed.
  8. Forums issues

    The permissions issue needs to be handled by the Forum Admins. Its a permission issue with the Events group. The donation issue, I'd recommend contacting PayPal first via phone and explaining who you're trying to transfer funds to, how much, and the error you're receiving. They should be able to provide more detail than Game or JT on the matter....
  9. Admin Request Error

    It depends on how you are removed from groups. Anatomy will fix it surely...
  10. Admin Request Error

    Are you referring to a Forum for co-founders and up? Likely, it's the leaders forum and your permissions need to be checked. Someone improperly removed you from the groups leaving the permissions still there.
  11. Admin Request Box.

    Web Ops department banner is disabled. It should actually be hosted on the forums instead of a Photobucket account.
  12. Admin Request Box.

    Also... My rank isn't Technical Admin anymore so if someone can change that to something, that'd be cool too... If I had a choice, I'd prefer something like "Forum Ninja" is always appreciated.
  13. Halo Titles Soon To Be Backwards Compatible

    Either paid for, or you have the disc.
  14. Xbox One: Halo Titles to Receive Backwards Compatibility Update Halo Waypoint reports that all of our beloved Halo Franchise titles above will be receiving backwards compatibility coming soon on Xbox One. The Backwards Compatibility update will include Campaign, Multiple and even LAN access. That also includes LAN access between Xbox 360 and Xbox One! To make this awesome deal even better, once these games are released in the backwards compatibility update, All of the Multiplayer Map Packs on the Xbox Store will be made available for FREE. That's right, Free. There isn't an update yet on when these games will hit the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility list, but rest assured that once they do, it will likely include many weekend throwback game nights. All images property of their respectful owners.
  15. Admin Request Box.

    You should be able to use the gallery now. Check and let me know.