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  1. .Koda

    FA. Focused, Caring, Family

    Fallen Angels [FA], a young division made up of multiple squad splits and determination. KSI Heroiism 7 tells us more about FA and its culture of where it was and where it is today. Nex Addo: Tell us a little history about FA; how did it all start, and how did it get where it is today? Heroiism: Well I definitely was not the first member here in FA. But I did join when there was only Rapture and Purgatory. The community was growing, and I was part of the Rapture and Judgment split. Things got steered in the wrong direction. I was a Lieutenant at the time in Rapture and wanted to help. I couldn't watch a squad shut down and get merged. I offered to leave my current squad of leadership to start from the bottom in square one in Judgement. It wasn’t easy, but I couldn't do it without some help and the staff who grew within the squad to get where we are today. After Judgement, we created Babylon and Judgement re-split again and created Valkyrie. Rapture split and made Leviathan, and we had Redemption made a bit after Rapture. Although we come across our differences and issues, I have seen each individual leader face challenges in this division. I guess I base myself and my goal to bring this division to the top! I want my team to be acknowledged and remembered, not for what Hero did, but for what each of them can accomplish, not just in FA, but within KSI. For some people, divisions all look the same- they recruit, they play games, and they hang out. So when asking Heroiism what he believes the difference between his division and the multitude before his he explains, “I think going back to our members being unique and strong-minded is what makes us different. We definitely have a lot of members and staff to see this division towards the right path. Every division strives for success and betterment here in KSI...I really feel like we are more family-oriented here in FA.” Nex Addo: What’s the biggest opportunity they have and what’s their biggest strength? Heroiism: The division has the opportunity to grow if we can let go of our frustrations and our past. We have equal-minded leaders within this division to develop a great home for all of our KSI members. We have the ability to achieve anything within FA. Before the interview, Heroiism talked a little about himself and the division and elaborate what it means to see his division rise to the top, “Rising to the top meaning I want everyone to have a clear understanding, to make great choices for the division and growing the division steadily. But overall we want to just have a good program here in FA that will allow our leaders to develop.” Nex Addo: What is something KSI should know about your division? Heroiism: This division is a great place to be in. We started very rocky [sic] and yet still have some ways to go but always work on improvement and working with each other. Each squad independently operates, well but some have stronger...weaknesses than the other. My goal is to get everyone under the same level of understanding in order to better understand and work with each other. I want every leader to do well here in KSI and wish for each of their best endeavors. We have a lot of potential [sic] but working on where we slack the most-communication, activity, and knowledge. But I am happy with where we are today within FA. Nex Addo: Do you have any current plans that you're working on? Heroiism: Currently working with Generals and their Co-Founders to better tackle fluff when it comes to recruitment and squad operations. Also working with sergeants and other members within the division to come up with ideas to include the division as a whole when it comes to game nights or just getting members to connect and meet each other. Written By: Nex Addo Nex is a Senior News Writer with previous experience as KSI's News Team Manager, Media Director, and Dir. Of Web Ops.
  2. .Koda


    Welcome Spartan! Happy to have you in the community. But I need an answer to a long debated question.... What's better? Xbox or Playstation?
  3. .Koda

    VIP Membership

    I'll raise the idea with the rest of the Admin team and see if this is something we can do. The VIP Role is an automated thing, so Discord would have to be manual. Not quite sure how we'll do that. But its certainly an idea I'm not opposed to.
  4. .Koda

    Website Ads

    The KSI website has never had randomized advertisements in all my years of being a part of this. And I doubt it ever will use ad revenue to pay for the website. At times, specific affiliated advertisements make their way up. That may be from a favored vendor, or from partners of KSI. But if you're referring to Google Adsense or other ad programs, I don't think the forums or the website will ever have those.
  5. .Koda

    Admin Request Box

  6. .Koda

    Admin Request Box

    Join the events team when positions open. If or when they're posted, they'll likely be in the General forum.
  7. .Koda


    Ouch..... Touché....
  8. .Koda


    I don't know this person, I've never seen them before in my life....
  9. For all those gamers that have long awaited crossplay between Xbox & Playstation, your voices have been heard! Sony released a statement yesterday that states they began an open beta for cross-platform play on Fortnite. This is exciting news as previously, the only cross-platform play was between Nintendo & Xbox LIVE. See the full statement below: https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2018/09/26/extended-fortnite-cross-play-beta-launches-on-playstation-4/#sf198550591
  10. .Koda

    Nothing Gold Can Stay

    Nice! You wrote this yourself? Edit: Didn't see the citation at the bottom. Stupid me....
  11. I can't say for sure, but I can assume that its a thought on some of the leaders' minds. Fortnite is a pretty popular game right now...
  12. .Koda

    KSI Murderrr

  13. .Koda

    Please help clear clutter in SR Forums

    Let me clarify something. I’m not trying to come across as bashing you. I’m glad you’re trying to help your division by seeing a need and attempting to fill it. That’s not my intention. The chance your request will be approved and handled are slim to next to none. Why? Because anatomy and I both wanted to clear up division sections as well as the whole forum. It was shot down... the administration doesn’t want more forums. They want less. They don’t want more groups, they want less... So... with that in mind, I’m trying to provide you with suggestions on how to work around that with what you have now. That’s really the only option you have. That, or leaving it the way it is... Unfortunately, that’s where we’re at with this because of this. Sorry that being real with you is a negative spin on the matter. I call it as I see it and that’s that...
  14. .Koda

    Retired Leaders and VIPs

    Yeah... that’s a bit pointless. It’ll never be used... it wasn’t used when all the leaders and mods had access, what’s limiting the audience going to do? Oh well.
  15. .Koda

    Please help clear clutter in SR Forums

    I actually encourage you to do exactly that. See, it’s not so much that it’s too much work. It’s just a couple clicks here and there and it’s done. Problem solved.... But the current Admin/Mod team that you so speak of, your beloved JT included, are the ones who don’t want the changes your proposing. Me? I personally could care less. I’d issue forums all day, every day so long as they’re used and they’re not redundant. But I know how JT and Kered operate and I know they’re not going to make a forum just for SR to not do their own proper housekeeping with what they have which is what warranted my original responses. So please, make the phone call. Make that call and make my day....