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  1. Gamer's Hint

    So now Packers picks a game. Go!
  2. Signatures

    You and me both. Im actually more fond of the communities that have the awards in the sidebar of their posts, and the awards are actually little badges/icons instead of literal "bars". But that's another discussion...
  3. LE Division General Chat

    Exactly.... How's it going LE. Hope you guys are doing well and going strong.
  4. Synthetic Reality Division Chat

    Heyo folks. Hope you're doing well. How's SR? Still growing strong? Keep it up!
  5. New to KSI! :)

  6. Pro's and con's of old school returning

    Better. Thanks. I think you hit a nail on the head here. But to expand on it, I think there's a very dramatic difference in eras of KSI. You and I come from around the same time. Everyone was more vocal, more "in your face". However, with that, came the show of activity. We were involved in the forums, we were showing up to meetings, we were showing up to game nights because all of this was expected of us at the beginning. Everything was a competition from who could be the best squad, to who could rank up the quickest, to who could recruit the most. The shift of KSI to what it has become currently is a more laid back, sociable group. That isn't bad. Most of the members currently just want to have some fun. They want to play a few rounds of their favorite game of choice with their pals and talk about what's going on in the world. Most of the members aren't as vocal as their historic counterparts were because it doesn't get you anywhere now. That isn't the style these days. Older members that have left the community, retired, and are now thinking of coming back will ultimately have to adjust to this and for some (not all) it can certainly be difficult. That, coupled with the judgement that some members might have ("Oh, well he's just old school." "He doesn't know how we run things now", "We're in a different time") can cause a gap between "old and new". This doesn't even introduce the problems of "giving" rank to older returning members because they have the experience from before. All it takes is one leader to screw this up though by providing their friend a promised position or "fast tracking" them to a position past other qualified candidates. So to really recap, The older returning members are responsible for adjusting and adapting to the newer style of KSI, and the new generation that is here now. Its only going to continue changing and evolving forward, not back. Adapt and Overcome. The leadership is responsible for treating every person equally and not giving a rank or position to someone based on their past accomplishments or experiences but on what they have provided here and now. And the community is responsible for being open-minded and accepting returning members, regardless of when and where they come from, and embracing them and welcoming them as they would any new member.
  7. Signatures

    Requiring a specific number of images isn't necessarily going to solve the problem. I can have 1 image that makes you scroll at least 3-4 times to be able to see the next content. OR I can have 5-6 images that are small enough to fit within a tiny 100 by 10 box. ---- The proper way to set requirements is to describe a particular sized area (300Hx800W) and state that all images & text should fit within that box OR Advise that signatures should not be excessive to the point of requiring users to scroll.
  8. Pro's and con's of old school returning

    Considering I'm a member of "said group" of generalized individuals, I think I'm well aware of what would be discrimination or not... Discrimination is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of a specific group of people. Nobody here is "treating" any particular group of people any particular way. We're explaining what we as members and leaders of this community have experienced over time, or our observations. The benefits of such a discussion can assist in making a policy or procedure on older or "previously retired" members coming back to mitigate issues upon their return. It was actually a project I recommended to be put into play but was never executed because of my own personal commitments interfering. Off topic comment here: Seeing that the administration of the forums has deemed it fit for discussion, I'd say my views and opinions on it being discriminatory or not have been agreed upon (for the most part)... Certain people need to get thicker skin if they're going to browse this forum. This isn't a "safe haven" or a "politically correct" forum. This "Open Door" forum is for bringing to light and discussing hard, critical, and controversial matters that can fundamentally alter how this Community operates. It is also the reason the forum was set up to only be moderated by Global Mods and Admins. Provided the discussion can continue while being "respectful" of all person's involved, I'd say this is exactly the reason this particular forum exists.... Now that we've strayed well from the topic of discussion of "the benefits and problems that occur with older members returning" and we have now fallen into the discussion of "what is discriminatory or not" I'd say this topic needs to be guided back onto the rails of what it was intended for and we can stop arguing about that.... Let's be respectful everyone.
  9. Retired Leaders and VIPs

    And.... No update...
  10. Pro's and con's of old school returning

    Well ****. I guess I take a piece of pie from both lists. ------ I'll say, I like how someone attempted to claim this as discrimination. It's not... No particular person or group was "called out". It was merely a discussion of whether there are benefits or problems associated with bringing back older-generation members. It would be similar if we talked about bringing back blacklisted members and the pros and cons surrounding that. Is that discrimination too? Stop getting so butthurt.... Grow some skin or don't browse open-door anymore.... ----- Topics like these are great for members to discuss (wait.., keep it respectful) the truly controversial, driving factors of the community. A great leader is a well educated one, and you only become educated by hearing all sides of a subject, not hiding the side you don't want to believe.... ---- I'm an old school member... But I believe bringing old school members back present it's own set of problems... It isn't a deal-breaker, but sometimes old dogs can't be taught new tricks and old leaders give new members problems. It's something to look at That's all...
  11. Pro's and con's of old school returning

    Preferential treatment, expedited ranks, and for some, an inability to adapt effectively. A large percentage of old school members maintain a "well back in my day" mentality and don't alter that. Some. Not all... And let's face it, as a leader, you're more likely to give a rank to a leader that's been here over someone newer that doesn't have the "history" even though they've been here longer than the previous member. Even if the old school guys joining back dont ask for it, it still happens.... It's the nature of the beast.
  12. KSI Mobile App

    There will be hype for the first few weeks and then the usefulness of the app will drop to the same level as the forums. Unfortunately, it isn't going to be anything new unless they build an app that's "KSI Social" oriented. Then you'll need updates, hosting costs, administrators dedicated to updating the info, and screening member access".... ... Go waste your money on other areas that could use it more effectively because an app isn't worth it.
  13. Announcement of Blacklisted Members

    It doesn't help when the leaders at the top BLOCK communications with other leaders they disagree with and cannot get over their personal issues for the sake of making the community better. I attempted to help facilitate that line of communication but when I'm not getting the info in the first place from the #1 main source, I'm sorry, but only so much can be done. The Communication from top-level leadership is where the breakdown starts.
  14. Adults Table

    Because normally, members aren't going to make a suggestion for an admin, they're requesting something to be fixed....
  15. Synthetic Reality Division Chat

    Howdy. Hope y'all are doing well.