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  1. KSI Murderrr

  2. Consolidating All Discord Servers

    I think this should have been done from the beginning. I wanted to get to that, but I received a lot of fight from other individuals and ultimately lost the battle... i hope it goes through and I hope that those said individuals can relinquish their power-grip to allow what’s best for KSI to take place. This will ultimately bring the community together more closely!
  3. Announcement of Blacklisted Members

    Sounds like it lies on the senior leaders and they’re not doing their job. Clean house.... clear the ranks....
  4. Please help clear clutter in SR Forums

    Let me clarify something. I’m not trying to come across as bashing you. I’m glad you’re trying to help your division by seeing a need and attempting to fill it. That’s not my intention. The chance your request will be approved and handled are slim to next to none. Why? Because anatomy and I both wanted to clear up division sections as well as the whole forum. It was shot down... the administration doesn’t want more forums. They want less. They don’t want more groups, they want less... So... with that in mind, I’m trying to provide you with suggestions on how to work around that with what you have now. That’s really the only option you have. That, or leaving it the way it is... Unfortunately, that’s where we’re at with this because of this. Sorry that being real with you is a negative spin on the matter. I call it as I see it and that’s that...
  5. Retired Leaders and VIPs

    Yeah... that’s a bit pointless. It’ll never be used... it wasn’t used when all the leaders and mods had access, what’s limiting the audience going to do? Oh well.
  6. Please help clear clutter in SR Forums

    I actually encourage you to do exactly that. See, it’s not so much that it’s too much work. It’s just a couple clicks here and there and it’s done. Problem solved.... But the current Admin/Mod team that you so speak of, your beloved JT included, are the ones who don’t want the changes your proposing. Me? I personally could care less. I’d issue forums all day, every day so long as they’re used and they’re not redundant. But I know how JT and Kered operate and I know they’re not going to make a forum just for SR to not do their own proper housekeeping with what they have which is what warranted my original responses. So please, make the phone call. Make that call and make my day....
  7. Only allowed 0 messages per day

    It is likely an issue with the settings of the Twitch Team user group settings and their maximum daily message limit. Unfortunately, I can’t fix it for you. You’ll have to wait till Game or Kered get to it.
  8. VIP Prompt on Sign-Up

    It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to place the skip button as the same size or larger than the buy/pay button. I’m going to try and do this calmly and collectively, before I lose my patience with you: What do you think the purpose of that “sign up” for VIP is for? Would it make any sense, marketing-wise, to change the size of the skip button? Is it really the fault of anyone here that your sign-ups aren’t intelligent enough to read “No thanks, continue without purchasing“ and click on it? Heres what your answers should be: A. “It’s to advertise the VIP opportunity here on the forums, as a way to help support rising server costs.” B. “No Koda, that would make no sense in a marketing standpoint. I don’t know what I was thinking..” And C. “It’s my fault I didn’t explain it to my recruits better and that I did a poor job of walking them through the forum sign up process and I’ll do better in the future.” .... there’s your discussion. Have a nice day.
  9. VIP Prompt on Sign-Up

    Using your brain would be noticing and utilizing the functionality of said “skip” button.... would it not?
  10. Please help clear clutter in SR Forums

    Then we’ll agree to disagree. I cannot force you to share my opinion nor you force me to share yours. But as someone that’s worked to clean up these forums for the past couple years, I’d say there’s a lot more that could be done before another sub forum should be considered.
  11. Please help clear clutter in SR Forums

    Sounds to me like you need to teach your mods a better way to organize... Here’s a way to get around the clutter until the time comes when/if an admin decides to create a forum for you: 1. Remove all unnecessary “outdated” topics and mark them for clean-up. There’s no reason you need posts about events that happened last year still lingering around. Junk em. 2. Unpin & Save the topics that are still important. LINK THEM in a master informational topic that houses all important SR matter. That way you’re not scrolling a mile to get to the first Actual topic of discussion. One “pinned” topic with all the key info, maybe another two or three for important matters that come up as announcements. Theres ways around it without needing another subforum. Only question is if the mods want to put the work in to clean it up in the first place. That mile long of pinned topics is unnecessary. I’ve always thought that and clearly the members of SR do too. Disclaimer: Some might think this is because I have a bone to pick with some of SRs leadership... it’s not. My response would have been the same to any of the divisions that posted this (minus the comment about the ton of pinned topics). My beef with the leadership of SR is between them and I... this has nothing to do with that and everything to do with people just simply not doing their job effectively.
  12. Please help clear clutter in SR Forums

    Not trying to pick a fight. Trying to understand something. How is it other forums can and have operated in the past with only their single division forum, but the SR division magically can’t do it and needs more “tools” to do the same job others do with less? HF has the same amount of posts and they’re doing just fine. Larger divisions have been able to do it all just fine in the past. Justify the exception, and you have a better chance of the request happening...
  13. Retired Leaders and VIPs

    No, back when I was an admin, the Retired group was redone to have access to that forum because our retired leaders are the VIPs that kept this community going. Sort of a “Thank you” to them. Guess it was undone by someone who doesn’t think those that have devoted their time are worthy of reward.
  14. Please help clear clutter in SR Forums

    Unpin the topics and they’ll fall in line with the rest of the topics. No need for a separate forum. Or you can start taking the content of old topics and flagging them for removal to the garbage can. Keep what’s important. Other divisions do it just fine without.... you can too.
  15. Announcement of Blacklisted Members

    Good luck with that. I tried that and one individual wanted to fight it for his division. I’ll throw it out there, the fearless leader Huckleberry did not want to allow his division in the KSI-wide Discord. Even if though hat meant them losing out on the opportunity of being informed and being a part of the rest of the community. That was one option at keeping the community informed and it didn’t work because people want to fight the system for their own personal reasons.