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  1. Prayers for our Police

    Just wanted to share this with the rest of the community. We are living in some troubling times these days with our current state of society. - 2 Officers were shot in Jacksonville, FL. 1 Stable, 1 Critical. - 2 Officers were shot in Kissimmee, FL. 1 Dead, 1 Critical. - 2 Officers were shot in Pennsylvania. Both Stable. I want to throw out some prayers (or just some thoughts for those non-religious) to the folks in blue for protecting us while. Though cops may be the ones we hate when we're inconvienenced such as speeding or maybe that illegal U-turn you just pulled... Whatever the case may be, they're just doing their job and ultimately, our fine folks in blue are there to protect us through and through.
  2. Forum Groups

    Don't get me wrong. Suggestions are awesome and always welcome. Some just don't necessarily fit into the image that KSI is trying to display for themselves.
  3. Admin Request Box.

    Web Ops department banner is disabled. It should actually be hosted on the forums instead of a Photobucket account.
  4. Could we start a GB/UMG team

    Unless it's given permission by Game or BT, you cannot officially represent KSI. You also cannot utilize the KSI Logo unless it's an official team. But I do think it would be awesome to have a competitive team representing KSI
  5. Synthetic Reality Division Chat

    Sunshine Florida.... Hot n Humid. It sucks.
  6. The Forums Need Your Help.

    I think this would be okay up to about 250... Then it should expand by every 500 posts... KSI TBK has a great idea.
  7. Boreas' Appeal number 3 v2.0

    It's speculation only, but I highly believe Link would testify that Boreas has also done nothing since his last round of issues to warrant a continuation of his DNH/Blacklist. Link and Him are personal friends. They've kept KSI and their friendship separate. They do a good job at it. Better than some. I don't think Boreas would have a problem if he returns since a lot of his "problem children" won't be returning with him. Provided he doesn't attempt to cause issues with any of this "Z Squad" drama anymore, I think he'll do alright. He does have a bit to offer KSI (in the form of a great recruitment strategy & fiercely loyal followers once they join. He just needs a strong leader to channel that behavior correctly and effectively in the right direction. He had good intentions before, just executed them poorly and in the wrong way. If it's possible to bring a recommendation to the table, I'd say a stipulation of letting him return should consist something of separation of the original "Z squad" kids so this issue doesn't happen again. Not that any have returned but if they decide to.
  8. Forum Groups

    Those are User Groups via the forums. Last I saw, we already had a large amount of groups and that was only for the necessary departments. Adding more "unnecessary" groups for the fun of it would just make our site look like a children's playground with all the glitter, animations, and fluffy blasphemy. Personally, I enjoy a cleaner, more sleek, professional appearance, not that of ... Well, Fuzzy's Forums.
  9. Since the forums were upgraded, the Hot Topic, Gossip & Ice Breaker awards don't have any reliable way to be issued since topics aren't labeled as "Hot Topics" anymore based on post count. What I'd like to suggest, and open up for discussion, is that we simply make a definition of a "Hot Topic" in the award descriptions, and discuss what that definition would be. (Amount of Posts, Featured by a Staff Member, etc.). ---- My Personal Recommendation: I think that Hot Topics should be considered any topic that is for the better of KSI (Still AAP discretion of course), and has more than 15 replies. This is about as close to the original limits as can be. Although that would mean that we would have to verify it by "Post Count" instead of just looking to see its a hot topic or not.
  10. SAVAGE SR Squad Chat

    How's your day going?
  11. A Blast From The Past!!!!

    Shoot me now. Marcus is back...
  12. I AM BACK!!

    Not gonna lie. I am surprised to see this. Welcome back. I was worried you had disappeared forever.
  13. Weekly Member Spotlight

    ...which is why it should be monthly or longer... Any shorter and it loses importance. Let's feature EVERYONE....
  14. Marketing Department

    Not you... Oblivious. And it's just a matter of opinion. I just think it's best to work the individual areas that make up the marketing department before saying a "full revival". For example: Personally, I'd get you plugged into the Facebook and Twitter. Thinking up new content, etc for them. Once you take that on and get underway, I'd plug you into advertising us to other places... Obviously once you have that under your belt, and snag a couple volunteers, we would then consider reviving the Marketing Department as a whole. You can take the initiative without getting the name. That's usually what I like to see in department leaders if it were my call. That's all.
  15. Marketing Department

    He did...and holy spell-check... And to be completely honest, yes. I personally think it does need it's own department. However, I also feel that at this present time, the need for that department isn't there yet. The focus should be in a few.other key areas until activity increases across the board. I always love to see volunteers willing to help in vacant areas and revive them. But I've seen it done before and it works great for a few months or so, then goes back to being dormant. Once the social media, and PR, and other "marketing" related areas become increasingly active, then I'd say it would be alright for the department to open back up.... It just doesn't have a healthy foundation for that yet.