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  1. KSI SamTheMan

    Divisional Sections

    or it could be that other members havn't read this.... Just sayin
  2. KSI SamTheMan

    Divisional Sections

    just observation but i have a feeling that all the non KSI members are the ones voting for it not to be privite... Anyway i feel it should be privite. Divisional sections should be for people in the division. No reason for others to be there. If you wan2 talk to old friends there is live, msn, aim, etc...
  3. no problem dude happy to help out

  4. haha ya i made a topic on my div. forums hopefully i can figure it out. If i do ill let u know

  5. I tried that...I just give up..lol :D

  6. haha agreed... Right now i am trying to hook up windows media to my xbox and its driving me crazy i can't figure this #### out....

  7. hell yeah. send that **** back is if they can fix it.

  8. wow that really sucks... do u have a warinty on it?

  9. no the image doesn't show

  10. bummer... Did u get red ring? or somethin else

  11. trying to fix my xbox it's not working

  12. hey, just studying for my finals tommorow... how about u?