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  1. Munkee

    Long time member back ;)

    wow H2, not to many of still around from way back then. I know we had a bunch of people back then, your GT seems kind of familiar, but I dont remember you to well. my GT was KSI DrunkMunkee. Started in Dragon Realm then eventually made Fierce Rebellion. I remember playing with Styles a lot with my boy Wigsplittah. welcome back though.
  2. Munkee

    KSI Shells is back

    Yes, that too apoc!
  3. Munkee

    I'm Back - KSI Matrix 7

    I'm sorry bruh bruh.. buts its Gaytrix!! I have to pick on him, ambush like did back in the olden times.
  4. Munkee

    KSI Shells is back

    wow.. now I need to trade in my PS3 for a Xbox if this douche is back! I remember tearing you up on a daily basis in H2. man you sucked!
  5. Munkee

    I'm Back - KSI Matrix 7

    I know you.. and you were a worthless senior then. and you were a worthless Co-Creator with me. I can not believe someone wouldbe stupid enough to bring you back! wow, Bill must be desperate!! ok.. just kidding! glad to see you back man! who are you?
  6. Munkee

    HELLO KSI [Designs]

    sins... as in the Ol' Killsins?
  7. Munkee


    sup Matirx! been a while. DrunkMunkee
  8. Munkee

    Shout out 2 KSI!

    give the GFX team a bunch of aweome pics and request q name sig. and you can have have a similar sig. lol i miss you Bree!!!
  9. Munkee

    Oh Herrrro...

    TG!!!! been a couple years!! miss playing with you! abput to buy a new 360. will be back on xbox soon
  10. Munkee

    Oh Hi

    why the hate?
  11. Munkee

    Shout out 2 KSI!

    Slayeeeeeeeeeeeeeer. that is all
  12. who is this Epsilon character?
  13. Munkee


    damn you Sumi. Stop stalking me. First facebook, and now here! you went and cheated on me with a girl, so I had to get a girl. and now you wont leave me alone. our amorous times were not all that memorable, to be honest. so leave me alone! j/k
  14. Munkee

    Well Hello!

    Linden. how is the Navy Man?
  15. Munkee

    Mr. Wiggy

    Some one call Munkee???