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  1. Sins

    Share Your Rig

    I suppose I will share first. Brand/Manufacturer: Avatar Gaming USA Operating System: Windows 8 x64 bit CPU/Processor: AMD FX-6300 (Six-Core) @ 3.6GHz RAM: 8GB DDR3 GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7790 1GB DDR5 VRAM Hard Drive: 1TB @7200rpm. Monitor Resolution: 1600x900 Primary Uses: Gaming, Design, Office Additional Comments: Quiet. Real good heatsinks and fans. Runs cool. Runs fast. Future upgrades coming, mainly to the PSU. By no means super fancy or maxes out all games on Ultra settings, but she manages. She's a good one.
  2. Sins

    Share Your Rig

    What Are You Running? Share what kind of PC you're running and its specs! Mac users, feel free to chime in. Please stay on topic. If you wish to discuss computers, feel free to PM that member or CREATE A NEW TOPIC in this section! Brand/Manufacturer: Operating System: CPU/Processor: RAM: GPU: Hard Drive: Monitor Resolution: Primary Uses: Additional Comments:
  3. Sins

    Number Game

  4. Sins

    hey just checking things out!

    Hi Neleil! Welcome to the forums. If you need help with anything, one must only ask.
  5. Sins

    HELLO KSI [Designs]

    Correct. Haha. Good to see you Munkee
  6. Sins

    The Path

    LOL The fact that you're here, now, even for 23 hours is what's important. If you made your way to the forums, you will do well within KSI. These forums have been up for almost 8 years now, and there's a reason for that. Stick around. you'll see Welcome.
  7. Sins

    The Path

    Good to be back. The forums are kinda whack, and I don't think there is really any specific individual to blame. I just got back and there's such a period of time that's been unaccounted for since I've been gone that I won't even begin to talk about what's happened outside of my time lol. But you know what makes the forums ****ty is when people say they are Anyway. I've already seen several of "it's always the same people here/never really active" statements in the amount of time of my brief return. So let me get some things out of the way: I don't know/care about "clan ops" and this is not an attack or insult to anyone. As much as I would love to go, "BACK IN THE OLD DAYS" I think I'll just write it out a little more thoughtfully than that. KSI Now: There is no tradition. No past to look at as an example. Discuss.
  8. Join the Revolution.

  9. Sins

    HELLO KSI [Designs]

    Check out your request section. I'm already back in business I'm kidding. I wish there were cats here to play gfx with but no one is here
  10. Sins

    HELLO KSI [Designs]

    Thank you for that Kered. I'm currently waiting on my computer that I had to RMA back to Newegg due to the graphics card being dead on arrival. -.- My desktop should be here in about another week, and in the interim I'd like to freelance the requests without a title. If I make it until then, I'll be sure to PM you. Your offer is highly appreciated.
  11. Sins

    HELLO KSI [Designs]

    Hey man. Nice to see a fellow SR member even more old school than I was. I suppose you remember ReGReT, Ava, Kill Steal, BlkOut, 4Shot, H3KTYK, Podakilla, King B Easy, Aztec God, and True Monkey? If any of those names ring a bell, we're cool kids. Thank you for your warm welcome, and I'll see what I can't do to stick around. It's nice being back. Thank you very much Wrath. While it'd be arrogant for me to say "OG", I'm probably 2nd gen OG. When I joined KSI I got to know many true OGs, many of them hall of famers. I know a little bit about each one -and some former members even went on to create rival communities. LHR, TMG, iO., etc.
  12. Sins

    HELLO KSI [Designs]

    Thank you. I'm more than sure it's changed. SR was traditionally a delinquent division, and I'm real glad to see the division still rocking the banner. The black SR one which predates it and I still see floating around the forums was made by Avaria, another former KSI/SR member. I get a new desktop tomorrow, and I'm putting Photoshop in, so I wouldn't mind filling a few requests. I think it'd be good to get "back into the groove." Plus, I think it's kinda sad to have a request section that no one bothers to fill. I recall a time where Trial Artists had to fill requests as part of their "training"/process to become a Graphics Artist, receive CnC on it and thus help them become a better artist. And I'm not sure if KSI Designs still has the TA/GA designations anymore -but that was also really neat about the Design Team here. I feel since Nova has left as AD, the whole Graphics structure has gotten kind of convoluted. I guess mosts of the artists: Flyboy, RKPW, wormo, Alex wK, Erbs, Nova, Aanoi, Patriot, Brain, Ava, and many others who I'm ashamed of forgetting have moved on to other things -as most of us do in life. Forgive me if I'm blabbing off topic. Thank you for the welcome and look forward to getting to know you as well. How's it going Kered. JT is still root and won't let Bill touch it huh? A little bit of inactivity, but I'm honestly surprised KSI has made it to 2013 - from being Killing Services Inc., rivals KoG, iO, MoB., a blacklist, being able to have a 7 in your name, background checks, and clan.net (ViceCaptain's ******* child) Adidas, Brain, Spider, Chief, Ashley, Topgun, Tactical, J Pice, and all them remain gone I see. And JT never checks in on the forums much. And I never bothered reading most of Bill's stuff unless he came in to the graphics section trying to contain the design team's antics ahaha. He never knew how to use these forums much lol. ANYWAY, While it's nice to reminisce, I understand KSI has changed -the proof is in the pudding. I'll see what I can do to stick around once my computer gets here tomorrow and help fill a few requests here and there -and I also encourage any other artists to shout out. Maybe we can get Designs going again if there are enough of us. Sad the design team elected to change their group color - miss that too. Sad to say I'm typing this very post on the laptop I had when I first joined KSI back in 07 and made my first sig. Thing's six years old. LOL -Sins
  13. Sins

    HELLO KSI [Designs]

    Hello Everybody. Just thought I'd drop in and say hello. I was formerly in KSI.. back in, oh gosh what was it.. 07? Back in the Halo 2 days. Anyway, quit that bologna and just hung around on ksiglobal as a graphics artist. I'm not sure who's still here anymore, as KSI and it's leadership has been reborn and shuffled many times over since my departure. Synthetic Reality was my original division back in the halo 2 days - Aztec SR, BlkDeath SR, and there was actually a squad in SR called Synthetic Reality, Synthetic Reality -but only because Kill Steal is stupid like that. I actually designed the SR banner that's still there to this day -it replaced Avaria's which I would still probably brag about to this day lol. It makes me happy to see SOMETHING I did all those years stuck around. Maybe I'd like to drop in and stick around, who knows -you'd probably find me in the graphics section which seems pretty dead. Which is kinda sad, cause that place used to be the tits on KSI Forums. It was my home. I see Erbs has vandalized the forums with all his artwork, but glad to see he kinda stuck around. Anyone else remember me? I'm all for meeting new people, especially GFX people! Wishing everyone well and still wishing they'd bring back IPB 2.0 and Lavagreen, .Sins EDIT: I don't understand the "Warning Points" thing or what I even got those for lol.. anyone care to educate me on the new regime changes?
  14. Spider makes my panties moist...

  15. Spider makes my panties moist...