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  1. heres some luff back!! because you rock! <3 <3 <3

  2. Happy Birthday Toby! I love and miss ya, buddy.

  3. you are so cool!

    when i grow up, i wanna be JUST LIKE YOU!!!

    Now fukin post in the Coat Of Arms section, bish!!! :X

  4. if youre referring to the one with the female holding the mask, i made it. why?

  5. [email protected] sig!

    You make me giggle so hard!! its lovely to know you think so highly of me that you dedicate a whole space in your sig for me...awwww.. go on, admit it!! youre secrectly in love with me, and you just dont know how to express it!!

  6. well, thats never stopped anyone else!!

  7. awww...drew-an!

    i dew know nowz =]

  8. wtf andrew??

    no "ily 2"???

  9. aww.. i miss you lil stuey =[ please come back!!

  10. stop calling me, too :P

  11. lol.. no i didnt! i had to go to a "meeting" which was eing held in halo3

  12. oh, durr.. im such a tard.

    I'm not a GFX persom, so why would it be me?!?

  13. =[

    not me, i hope.

  14. why you is lookin at my profile???