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  1. yo whats goin on hit me back up

  2. Hey man, im going to miss you when you leave.

  3. You wanna be surf that live in Canada, where all you see is SNOW... Kalem get a new sytle, that ones already taken...sorry!

  4. You are such a pretty boy... Nothing I would imagine you too be... Pretty boy!

  5. SOUNDWAVE IZ SICK!!!! keep it up bud and keep pressing on through life, stuff sucks but we're here for ya

  6. KSI Soundwave 7


  7. This many stars... 5 bro you rock!


  8. Terribly sorry to hear about your fiancee, my dad died of cancer so i SOMEWHAT understand what your going through, although its probably difficult dealing with a fiancee, different kind of love and feelings than a parent. Well, best of luck to both of you.

  9. only been here for 2 months and has 398 posts lol