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  1. Mike Sanders

    Looking for Players

    Halo MC on XBO. Add me: theMIGHTYoaktree
  2. Mike Sanders


    I think the archive idea of the E107 site is great. I know JT and I both have the most recent copy saved somewhere on our hard drives.. It's doable. As far as the the social network website.. yeah, lmao not our finest idea. But its something Billy felt very strongly about so we gave it our all and made it happen. As far as traffic is concerned we actually saw a huge increase in traffic, with an equally huge decrease in activity. Can't just get rid of and replace a website and expect everyone to move along peacefully. This new format works. I like the fact that there is one login that is IPB based and that posts utilize IPB's awesome RTF editor. I do feel like we need to update the looks of the website and make it our own.
  3. Mike Sanders

    A KSI original

    What was your gamer tag?
  4. Mike Sanders

    Soda or Pop?

    Just call it by its name.
  5. KSI is still alive and kickin!

  6. What are you going to do?? Hack my account and fry my hard drive?? ha.. You are a joke. Try me, I honestly dare you. Here's my IP:, try me.. Please Brain, I am begging you please try me. Federal Prison is so fun.

  7. Mike Sanders


    How much did that one cost?
  8. Mike Sanders


    Nice ****in dress
  9. Mike Sanders


    That's ****in nice. I'd like to know who your artist is.
  10. Mike Sanders

    KSI chimps.jpg

  11. hey i have this problem opening this jar, can u help me?