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  1. KSI is still alive and kickin!

  2. What are you going to do?? Hack my account and fry my hard drive?? ha.. You are a joke. Try me, I honestly dare you. Here's my IP:, try me.. Please Brain, I am begging you please try me. Federal Prison is so fun.

  3. wow.. dude how have you been??

  4. Oh yes sir. Now I am here.

  5. No, I do a few odd jobs here and there, looking at jobs over in the Columbus area right now.

  6. I've been doing great. Just busy as hell, never have time to get on the box anymore. Should be on more this Summer. Add KSI xSanders 7 if you want to play sometime.

  7. Long time no see man. How's it goin?

  8. I'm not bad. Good to see you around too.

  9. Yeah, he is a real cool guy.

  10. You are one crazy lookin dude.. lol.