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  1. Everyone should be staying connected on Twitter. Add me @ KSI_Kalem_7

  2. Everyone should be staying connected on Twitter. Add me @ KSI_Kalem_7

  3. you are awesome, simply put.

  4. EM! its been like a few days, what's going on? dont you <3 me?

  5. Kalem

    Divisional Sections

    but what if they want to get a feel for/get to know a division before they join it. Taking away the freedom to do research on where our new members want to grow isn't right. When i was joining, i looked around and came to the conclusion that either FS or SA were the best so i picked one. I think it should remain as is...
  6. Kalem

    What is this?

    did not even think of that....and i deffinetly didn't mean to give any crap.
  7. Kalem

    Gamercards or avatars

    I like it just how it is.
  8. Kalem

    What is this?

    agree with vapor. i might use it more but i noticed i couldn't see if their was any reports. But, that could just be me....
  9. whats going on nublet

  10. Hope you enjoyed your vacay and had a good rest. Back to work buddy...lol

  11. So hows the postal service coming along there Kenny?...Such great heights=good song

  12. congratz dude on SR.Director. bout time.

  13. Yo JTK. Hows it going? Message me if ya need anything

  14. Haha. nice bills Mike.

  15. SOUNDWAVE IZ SICK!!!! keep it up bud and keep pressing on through life, stuff sucks but we're here for ya

  16. Is this the X that went off to make VzR or is that another guy

  17. Ayden!!!! how ya doing buddy?

  18. Kalem>Unlucky

    enough said....lol

  19. Ya Man! we take our Dog sleds to school and work...what do you guys guys do?

  20. Magma


    haha later sharp

  21. JORDAN my good friend, hows it hanging. oh Butane=weak


  22. Hey Guardians how ya doing? Hope you can come join us soon...

  23. MIKE! i think you should fix your Walmart connection and come play with us

  24. Brent is a noob, haha. Try not to lose to bad next time....

  25. wat up! yo man don't let peonix get to trampled by BrmStone, haha, don't worry we'll take it easy on ya, you were my former clan leader after all, lol