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  1. K, thanks. Im pretty sure he use to be on my friends list but I havent seen him on here in a long time so Ill just look for someone else. Thanks anyways!

  2. Hey bud, KSI CrazyRamb0 does all my art work u can send him a message onlive but no promises hes not KSI anymore. See yah,Slayeer

  3. Hey Slayeer, do you think you could tell me who put the text in your top sig. because i have something similar to that in mine but the quality is not as good.

  4. Hello slayer! how have you been

  5. cccchilling,oh may u send a friend request to my other account?KGB Unforgiving

  6. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  7. Hey girl wuz up Yo!

  8. slaaaaaaaaaaaaayerrrrrr

  9. Hi Dude,luv Dudett <3

  10. I hope you like it where ever your moving to.