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  1. Hey bud, KSI CrazyRamb0 does all my art work u can send him a message onlive but no promises hes not KSI anymore. See yah,Slayeer

  2. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  3. Hey girl wuz up Yo!

  4. Hi Dude,luv Dudett <3

  5. getting ready to move and start anew. nice to hear from you.

  6. Hi Diab1os, lol How are you?

  7. real quick I dont know lol.

  8. Happy birthday!

    1. KSI Zardain

      KSI Zardain

      so where you at??? and why no messages on xbox??????

  9. KSI Slayeer


    From the album: Me

  10. KSI Slayeer


    From the album: Me

  11. KSI Slayeer


    You are 2 funny,Love ya anyway's!Thankyou.
  12. KSI Slayeer


    From the album: Me

  13. Hi I know it's crazy we will have to find some time.

  14. KSI Slayeer