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  1. Hey douche it's fret fryer me and jordan aka ksi unlucky 7 we wanna hang out again get a gold membership!!!!!

  2. It kool austria my shizzle

  3. That's weird I know I added you as a friend on the forums before... oh well at least you are now! Have a great 4th!

  4. Whats up dude? Hey that sniper thing will be going down on saturday 8:30 est

  5. Hey if your are still interested that sniper thing in CoD4 will be goin down on saturday 8:30 est

  6. lol hey that sniper thing will be going down on saturday 8:30 est time. Me and my Lt know lots o cool stuff

  7. wow that was an old message. lol

  8. lol I can't use AIM for anything or even send out chat invites... Anyway maybe you can hit me up on XBL if I can't work the darn thing

  9. Nice choice in music and GT, where'd you get the John Petrucci Gamer Pic?

  10. Hey Congrats! Mr General... :P

  11. cool, well I'm glad to see you posted the app good luck and hopefully your squad treats you well :P

  12. Hey I left a post in your app-topic hope that helps you on your way to getting in a squad. See-ya!

  13. Yeah I think he was...

  14. Hey this guy "MacDaddy lol" has great strategies and he's gonna try out for the pro team keep an eye on this guy.

  15. Hey I'm back from moving and with a DSL connection again!!

  16. YAY! I got the lactate joke when I read it!

  17. Oh haha yeah you handle stuff well man.

  18. Hey are you having problems seeing other profiles via yahoo mash?

  19. lol you think thats boring, central city is filled with old people and casinos :P

  20. An old little ski town called nederland but Im moving soon to central city. It's not far from Black Hawk.

  21. Wow! It's nice to see someone in KSI who is from Colorado!

  22. thanks 4 the comment and good job with the meeting!

  23. Yeah that was the comment I was talking about when darknight 7 and you told me about the other people. :P