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  1. Sumidor P71

    Application to become my minion. lollol

    I'm Sumidor. If you don't accept me, then you will perish. Simple as that.
  2. Sumidor P71

    "XBOX ONE" What is your initial impression?

    My question is... how the **** they gonna know if the game is used or not? Or did I miss that part of the conversation?
  3. Sumidor P71

    "XBOX ONE" What is your initial impression?

    I'm with you there. I'm very interested in seeing what they reveal as the time passes. I'm not sure how I feel about the design of the console, but there's of course still time to change it. Didn't the original Xbox and Xbox 360 initially start out looking all retarded?
  4. Sumidor P71


    <33333333 Edit: Tell JT that upon submitting this post (#9), it has properly displayed my points. Knowing my luck, when I refresh the page it will go back to showing your balance. Edit2: Yep. I'm showing yours now. If he needs it: Firefox 20.0.1, just updated to 21.0. Happened before and after the update.
  5. Sumidor P71


    Oh is that how this **** works now? Righteous. Edit: Incorrect. I display your points, and you display mine. Economy page says I have 27 points. Damn page is ****ed up.
  6. Sumidor P71


    @Kered: Name change to "Sumidor P71"?
  7. Sumidor P71


    I fail to see why your silence was an appropriate response. Don't you see how urgent this is?
  8. Sumidor P71


    Can I have my CEO rank back please? Who remembers SexOnCanvas? I miss my website.
  9. Sumidor P71


    Ragu isn't allowed to have red. Hot pink, perhaps.
  10. Sumidor P71


    lol I'm not "back" in the sense that I'm rejoining KSI or anything... just figured I'd pop in and say yo.
  11. Sumidor P71


    Oh yeah? Good **** dude. Thank you for your service, seriously. Back to KSI... the forums seem dead. Looks about right. lol
  12. Sumidor P71


    Indeed. If Billy Bob was dumb enough to make you a cow, then you must be doing at least half a thing right... However, unlike those that know myself as a handful in years past and won't believe that I've grown up slightly, I believe that you have. Well. For now.
  13. Sumidor P71


    I... you... your name rings a bell. Why. Why does it ring a bell? And why is my gut telling me that seeing you as an admin and a cow (CAO... cow...) should strike me as odd?
  14. Sumidor P71


    What'd I miss?