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  1. KSI WaR

    MINECRAFT (Xbox 360)

    Would be nice if they made it like pc with servers also. Where person who owns it dont have to be online
  2. KSI WaR

    dayz standalone

    kool kool. whats ur steam username?
  3. KSI WaR

    dayz standalone

    Anyone play the new early access to dayz? Im looking for some people to play it with
  4. KSI WaR

    Blacklist on the forums

    cms is up
  5. KSI WaR


    well the new dayz is in alpha. there making it a standalone game where u don't have to have arma 2 to play it. which is a good idea.
  6. KSI WaR


    looks like a remake of dayz
  7. KSI WaR

    KSI Fireman

    me and things I do
  8. KSI WaR

    Well never thought I'd come back here.

    KSI WaR 7. I was in DH when I first started
  9. KSI WaR

    Well never thought I'd come back here.

    I was here in 05 to 06
  10. KSI WaR

    Blacklist on the forums

    Lol doc i just edited my post saying that
  11. KSI WaR

    Blacklist on the forums

    There's no point for it to be on here. Thats why we have that site. If no one knows about the blacklist then its the leadership problem for not letting people know. I guess if they wanted to they could put a link to.the blacklist on that site but i dont see big deal..back in the day it was the generals job to let his squad know
  12. KSI WaR

    Blacklist on the forums

    http://ksicms.net the blacklisted members and clans are located there for everyone to see.
  13. KSI WaR

    What PC Games do you play?

    Thinking about starting back on wow. Anyone else play?
  14. KSI WaR

    just an idea

    We have a rooster website for generals and up to use. Ksicms.net is required to be updated atleast once a week
  15. KSI WaR

    MSs NAUGHTY has Returned

    super mega loser naughty is back haha j/k welcome back.