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  1. i kinda want to. kinda dont. just want to help out in any way that i can

  2. well 1. do ya have enough freakin comments? I swear..i thought i was scrolling down forever.lol and 2. idk? ha

  3. Hey Slayeer! Do you remember me?? ...I'm not back in KSI tho. just seeing how everyone is doing

  4. omg ppb. you are soooo freakishly talkative.stop it.ha <333

  5. Dearest Braaa,

    Ice ice baby.

    The End.


    Sissy poo

  6. hey boo boo waz up wit chu? lol lovvvvee ya sugar pie honey buns.haha =)

  7. ace.you're a loser. =] lol

  8. hey cutie pie =]

    had funnn at Hibachi's tonight.

  9. haha .okkk i guesss im a lil slow. but what the heck are you talkin about?

  10. Slayeer's soooo pretty! <3 the pic.

  11. heyyy there! Thought i'd leave ya a comment since no one else has! haha jk =]

  12. you tell me what kinda pic. mine is..what the heck is yours. hahaha. dooorrkk

  13. OMG! he finally has a picture that you can see! HaHa. Like it ARRR! =]

  14. ha. your bday?oh yeh since i knew it was also your birthday. sry.next time ill try to be born another day.lol

  15. yeh. it's fine.dont worry.lol. just let me know whenever you get it fixed.