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  1. Hello everyone.. My name is Todd aka KSI Swift 7 or just Swift 7. Some of you know me, others don't I see a lot of new people and some old. Just dropping in to say hi, and see what has been happening with KSI since I left it. For those that don't me. I started out in KSI back in 05 when halo 2 was big, and KSI was nearing its peak with members. I started out with my real life friend bluescreen. He dropped out of the clan after about a year, and I grew into it and stayed with it till about 2010. I've since been in and around the forums and members since then, and just drop by. I was a graphic artist, Senior Officer ( at the time there was only like 5), and Art Director.. but that lasted very shortly after about a month and gave the reins to Apoc. Since leaving and venturing out on my own, I've dabbled in a multitude of different forums while going through college, mostly digital art forums where I grew my skills and have been a part of different art collectives. I have since stopped digital art almost completely.. I dabble here and there, but I mostly focus on my career. I am now graduated from school with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Graphic Communications which basically means a jack of all trades as far as digital design is concerned, I can do print, screen print, pre-press and preparing files for print, digital print, logo and brand identity creation, and front end web development as well as Business to Business marketing. I currently work at a Print shop in Chicago that supplies and prints a lot of the stuff you see on the market today... blistex, Verizon, Motorola, Marlboro etc.. My current position is a Pre-Press technician where in I prepare, packaged, and design customer files to get them ready for print. My current project right now is designing my companies website which is going pretty smoothly, thanks for asking. Well.. That's me how is everyone else? Oh and I am 24 years of age now and life is good, other than that... HI!
  2. Swift 7

    Window 8

    Windows 8 is not really a new windows.... I tend to think of it as more of a plug in software for Tablets with the old Windows 7 OS... I mean if you were to go on a computer and switch to desktop display... its almost the exact same to windows 7... not much difference at all... What they ( Microsoft) said was so great about 8 was that you can tile your favorite apps... uh... big whoop??? I have a PC and Laptop why do I need apps??? If I had a tablet... SURE great... I'd love that feature... but its worthless on Laptops and Desktops...
  3. Swift 7

    Xbox 360 Reviews

    Holy ****... this is written poorly.. and I can't understand what you are talking about.
  4. YEAH this is a hilarious video.
  5. Just an fyi swift..that forum member with the ripped logo..i had pm'ed him THREE times pertaining to that signature, so don't act like you know everything. Go ahead and whine to natas, see if i care


  7. Hey I have'nt been in KSI that long but I'd like to say welcome back!