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    Fishing!!!! Large mouth BASS !!!! Love it!!!!! My two children, Blake and Bailey 16 and 13... Chinese Kenpo, 2 belts from getting my Black Belt....They are my Pride and joy.... Working on a Bull Ranch on the weekend. We help raise Registered Black Angus Bulls. We also have cows and Calf's. But the Bull's are the main Business. Also have just purchased a New USP H/K 40 cal. I enjoy target shooting with my family and my girlfriend's family.

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  1. Nice ATR SIG there Seven, Maybe you could show how old you really are with a positive mesage about ATR. Every time i think you gain a step you take two back. You be back on the tit in no time. Keep up the good work.

  2. Whats up bro, long time no see

  3. Hi I know it's crazy we will have to find some time.

  4. What's up Slayeer? Almost never see you anymore...

  5. man..wow i should not address u like that..hello sir..that's better i guess ^_^

  6. hey..man, it's been awhile wat up? hows everything? anything new? ^_^ shoot shoot later

  7. Hey Look who was here....

  8. they were funny but... i would of never thought u had a sence of humor :P

  9. Hi Candy and King!!! Your Dad shoulda not shown you them. You will be scared for the rest of your life... haha..

  10. hey long time no see btw i saw all the jokes u sent my dad and wow lol i will never look at u the same