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  1. Nice ATR SIG there Seven, Maybe you could show how old you really are with a positive mesage about ATR. Every time i think you gain a step you take two back. You be back on the tit in no time. Keep up the good work.

  2. What's up Slayeer? Almost never see you anymore...

  3. Hey Look who was here....

  4. Hi Candy and King!!! Your Dad shoulda not shown you them. You will be scared for the rest of your life... haha..

  5. Yo Yo Yo Rooks 67 Here... When you get to come home?

  6. Just stopped by to look at your page.... KSI LILBIGMAN was here... KSI SLEDGE 67 is my original Tag.. Still in oldskool...Later Brother.. Keep up the good work!!! And update your page.... Ha

  7. After reviewing alot of the other sites of many of our friends, I have come apond a very serious question u have asked... Why are we here? The answer to that one is Dipster we are here to succeed where others have failed. We are the future to KSI. We are the Leaders of tommorow, that others will remember when they reach or get are positions later or after we are gone. We lead by example, never giv