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  1. Tanogrus

    Former KSI Re-Join

    Hey all. I'm not sure how many will or could even possibly remember me from my Halo 2 and Halo 3 days as a KSI member, but I started out as a Drakhaoul into a KSI Draconus in those times of Halo days. From there, it's been life as usual. At one point, I remember being a Division Leader and I believe at one point a Co-Founder IF i remember things right. I'm not sure if the divisions I was once part of are still kicking around, but from the DoubleHelix, to Synthetic Reality, I'm looking to re-vamp myself and work my way through the ranks once more if necessary. I'm hoping to re-connect with those who may still remember me, or make new friends again and enjoy the games that I love and hold dear to my heart.
  2. yo what up tangorus 7, remember me from SR?

  3. Happy Birthday Dude!!