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  1. La la la I add a comment to my self

  2. KSIKren of EVIL

    My pictures

    Halo Pictures from halo
  3. KSIKren of EVIL


    From the album: My pictures

    This is my halo 3 pictures
  4. KSIKren of EVIL


    From the album: My pictures

    Me again I dont know y I never smill though
  5. KSIKren of EVIL


    From the album: My pictures

    Just to let evry one know what i look like Me KSIKren of EVIL
  6. No one left me a coment well i hate u all just jokinig

  7. Hey JTK i cant get on line on my xbox her at my sisters house and the only place i can get online is my brothers house but i can get on the competer at my sisses house so im not going to be on the xbox though K

  8. KSIKren of EVIL

    Halo evry body

    Me ha