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  1. north Georgia Canton, BallGround, Jasper

  2. you see mikado sporting an ICP shirt?!

  3. What part of Georgia do you live in, I lived in Thomasville and Kingsland for a while.

  4. I appreciate you making me your B* today when you helped me out today. I guess I owe you one.

    Thanks Bro.

  5. thanks dude and i like the sig alot

  6. hey bro whats going on.. listen i went to the link u gave me and i posted all the sigs ive done but then i went back to SR and they were there as if i had posted them .. y did that happen?

  7. Cold your a good friend man, keep up the good work with venom and six.

  8. hey whats going on... so i tried making a sig and let me tell you its a epic fail!

    lol when are we going to play togehter