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  1. I see you can do some gfx stuff...you should consider the KSI design team. ;)

  2. omg get on the forums more grrrr i'm bored grrrrr and hyper grrrrr.

  3. Loool wow i aint had problems like thay yet :P,but yeah being a co-founder sweet wen i first joined ksi i never relli wanted to rank up just stay low and chill unno but as i got into it and i remeber argoth always being busy and i was like no way im doing that haah loook at me now im a co-founder and i can say i enjoy it unno =D

  4. so next time we are both online you should deffinitely invite me. =)

  5. Gosh I've already had to put up with a ton of drama already. I had an issue that went on for like 2 hours. gag. So how is being a cofounder. I was almost a cofounder yesterday lol

  6. hey girl.ya sounds good

  7. Yeah ano it's been awhile aint plyaed with u since u were a lt in soviet,and now you a general woow keep up the good work hows that fairing up thought ??

  8. Gosh Slayeer. I haven't talked to you in a while. We need to chill in a party on xbox sometime soon

  9. hah u left me a comment in like may and i just responded to it lol. u said we live close. and thanks now i have 2 sigs but i didn't make the second one

  10. what was so cool and nice sig lol its cool

  11. Of course i remember you. wow its been a while. We are doing pretty great in FBC. Its about to get 10 times better though since i just got my General position last night. yay me. how are you doing in your division?