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  1. KSI Ace 7

    Old member new face

    So are we done defining insults now? I'm allowed to express myself in the community, am I not? I haven't been reprimanded by a mod yet, only insulted by you.
  2. KSI Ace 7

    Old member new face

    Yes, let's define insult. As you seem to be the first to jump the gun on insulting someone, especially being someone who is suppose to be seen as a leader of the community while we are simply members, you are the one suppose to be setting an example, and your example so far is quite sour.
  3. KSI Ace 7

    Old member new face

    Yes, I can see how spewing insults at people who try to increase activity can benefit a community, although we might still be in fairy fart land.
  4. KSI Ace 7

    Old member new face

    Certified I don't think you are conveying the right message that should be expressed throughout the community. Your insults seem way too common than anything else you spew that may actually help the community.
  5. KSI Ace 7

    Old member new face

    I suppose in the land of unicorns and fairy farts even the smallest actions could pile up on some people, to only realize once they are off that high it was so minuscule. PS: Only bumping this so you guys don't lose it under the onslaught of other threads.
  6. KSI Ace 7

    Old member new face

    Which ones, I don't see them. lol
  7. KSI Ace 7

    Old member new face

    Under all the threads with last posts ranging back to January lol
  8. KSI Ace 7

    The Makings of a Great Leader

  9. Very well said, good sire.
  10. Just trying to help our good buds across the pod(in a way?) out! Letting them know what's up is all. We love our buds.
  11. Yeaaa...we've mentioned that to xgn as well, all of the Handbook is Luci's work or the work of Luci and some other members. But thanks for admitting to your infringement.
  12. We are not posting anything negative against the community, we are posting to defend our content you are attempting to steal and pass as your own creation.
  13. http://www.ksiglobal.org/portfolio/sog/ Under transferring (ignore the 'big' picture, it's on the right sidebar type...thing). I'll post a direct copy past from that link.
  14. Don't copy stuff and you'll be good? lolol