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  1. What would you consider "hacking" then?

  2. Private!! ha ha thats where it's at ha ha JK

  3. Oh I understand that completely, you could though just stay a private and not have that much of a responsibility! haha

  4. Well thats still cool! How come you not really in it?

  5. But it is!! I mean its good because we need it, but just think if we didnt! ha ha so how long have you been in KSI?

  6. Do you know of any way that I can view the Design Artist or their work? So that way I can recomend someone to make me a sig

  7. So what division did you end up in?

  8. That tight! what clan are you in? what gams do you play online?

  9. Yeah but your a newer member to this website. how come your not a member of KSI yet, your age?

  10. Yeah but you are a newer member to this website than I am, how come your not officially a membr? your age?

  11. Thanks! But shouldn't I be welcoming you?