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  1. haha you said you missed me dont worry im back now

  2. wow that was an old message. lol

  3. good to see you back and is this your g/t KSI Sasuke ?

  4. Congrats on Co-founder!

  5. lol I can't use AIM for anything or even send out chat invites... Anyway maybe you can hit me up on XBL if I can't work the darn thing

  6. Yeah I think he was...

  7. ya assassin its good to see you on the forums check out the Double Helix Section

  8. ok was he at the practice last night?

  9. Hey this guy "MacDaddy lol" has great strategies and he's gonna try out for the pro team keep an eye on this guy.

  10. nice dude its good to have you back i will be on during the week so ill fill you in on what has happend

  11. Hey I'm back from moving and with a DSL connection again!!