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  1. haha you said you missed me dont worry im back now

  2. good to see you back and is this your g/t KSI Sasuke ?

  3. ya assassin its good to see you on the forums check out the Double Helix Section

  4. ok was he at the practice last night?

  5. nice dude its good to have you back i will be on during the week so ill fill you in on what has happend

  6. I am honored to be one of your mentors lol : )

  7. i read the topic in the general section and your right it was a good topic just hope that some more people look at it

  8. I dont know whats going on with my xbox but its making me crazy and by the way and if you go into the Water cooler/spam i made 2 topics the same by mistake so i asked spider to help me out with that hope he dose

  9. hey tactical how you doing ?