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  1. KSI Harris 7

    What is V2

    I don't understand the need to share more than 25% of our gamertags. This is the point of us all putting KSI in our names, because we are united as a clan. The right side of the gamertag is NOT what is important. It's not what unites us. Also even if you think you're not playing favorites you're almost bound to make somebody feel that way at some point. I don't think you're showing respect to the 7's either. The posts you've made tell me that you think that getting 5 recruits, running "gamenights", and following the CoC is greater than the work it takes to earn a 7. All you've said is to "respect the rank", but you clearly don't respect the work. A 7 doesn't mean you're a member of an exclusive group, different from everybody else. It's a sign of their dedication, loyalty, and of course work put into the community. You're making V2 out to be a Diet 7 (like the same thing but not really) that is supposedly harder to achieve. Whether intentional or not, it's taking away from the value and the symbolism behind the 7. Like Ugly said, it's about respecting Natas and the leaders that came before you. I feel like the level at which you want the community to regard V2 and the way you've responded in this post takes away from that. Ex. KSI Harris V2 7 That feels like "Oh, he's not just a 7. He's a SSJ 7! His recruit level is over 9000!" tl;dr - Point blank, having V2 in your name does not mean you work harder no matter how many rules you make up for it
  2. KSI Harris 7

    What is V2

    Joining a GT cult is not harder than earning a 7
  3. KSI Harris 7

    Konfliction 666

    He's a trill OG. Ride or die with him on GTA V
  4. KSI Harris 7

    Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

    Is there anybody in KSI who has this game on the 360 and wants to find more people to play the game with? There are 4 of us in Caliber who currently have this game. We'd love to see if we could get together a big ol' tournament or endless match or something. If there's enough of you we could make a little club =) So yeah, if you have this game post here or hit me up on XBL GT: KSI Harris 7
  5. KSI Harris 7


    A what?
  6. KSI Harris 7


    11 - 8
  7. KSI Harris 7


    I snowboard at yo momma's house
  8. KSI Harris 7

    World of Warcraft

    Bruh I will pwn all with my huntard
  9. KSI Harris 7

    3 Word Story Time!

    You all know what it is. Continue the story, but you are limited to 3 words a post. No double posting or you're ruining all of the fun. I'll start This one time
  10. KSI Harris 7


  11. KSI Harris 7

    World of Warcraft

    Anybody in KSI who still plays? If anyone's interested I just rolled a horde toon on Zul'jin.
  12. KSI Harris 7


    Mayweather is a punk. Mayweather won the decision. Pacquiao won the fight.
  13. KSI Harris 7

    Madden NFL 15

    Where are all the Madden heads at? I got 15 on the 360, and will accept any challenge. If there are enough of y'all we should organize a tournament
  14. KSI Harris 7

    Duality is back!

    Gears, Sports games, and Halo 4 until I can get an X 1 again. When I had my X 1 it was Halo, GTA, and NBA 2k Also, Christ, I don't know when you joined but did you know KSI Pikachu? His name was Scott if that helps. I believe he was a Director of FS
  15. KSI Harris 7

    Duality is back!

    So I just got my forums account back after finding that the auto fill info on my computer was still saved and worked on the site! My name is/was KSI Duality 7. The highest rank I attained in KSI was a Co-Division leader, though I spent most of my time as a Co-Founder in LS I tried to rejoin the community at the launch of Destiny, hoping some squads would start there, but nothing ever came of it. If anyone would like to recruit me into their squads/division, feel free!